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[US] NewYork legislator says people shouldn't ride motorcycles

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. New York Legislator says nobody should ever ride a motorcycle
    "drivers expect to see other drivers on the road not bicyclists or motorcyclists"
    Posted: 17 February 2014
    A LEGISLATOR has sparked controversy, saying motorcycles and bicycles don’t belong in his County.
    Thomas F. Barraga, 70, a member of the Suffolk County Legislature in New York, made remarks regarding his opinion on two-wheelers when replying to 17-year-old Matthew Cutrone.
    Cutrone wrote to Barraga after his mother had been knocked off of her bicycle by a car driver who wasn't paying attention, suggesting: “there should be some sort of bike lane or maybe even just some warning signs to put around in certain areas so that drivers can know when to be careful of bicyclists.”
    Barraga responded to Cutrone six weeks later saying: “I have lived in West Islip most of my life and my personal feeling is that no one who lives in our hamlet or for that matter in Suffolk County should ever ride a bicycle or a motorcycle.
    Adding: “drivers expect to see other drivers on the road not bicyclists and motorcyclists.
    “Reality at time can be difficult for some to come to grips with but giving false hope would be inappropriate.”
    Barraga has said he is standing by his remarks after a copy of the email he sent lit up social media.
    “I’m not going to tell them what they want to hear, a lot of fluff. I tell them the truth.”


  2. One of the problems with dickheads, is they think it's their
    God given right to continue to be a dickhead.
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  3. o_O

    They live and breed amongst us ...
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