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Us Netriders need to get Vic to the Anzac Day Event

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by raven, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. Hey guys!...

    As you all know, Vic is a bit banged around at the moment and can't ride, but we need to get him to the Anzac Day Ride event..
    Since Vic is THE Man that basically runs this whole shebang that allows us the privilage of riding and having fun together, him not being there is unacceptable!!

    Would one of you kind souls that intends to take a car ride for the event, please consider picking up Vic for us all?...Vic lives over in the west, I think, so you might need to pack a cut-lunch, for the trip out there, but if someone could manage this, you would be contributing quite profoundly to this major Netrider event, and would definitely earn yourself an extra sausage at the BBQ! :grin:
    Perhaps there's a Noob out there that doesn't want to ride - now you have a good reason to attend otherwise....and a chance to get in good with the Boss-man.. :shock: :grin:

    Please send Vic a PM and organize the lift with him directly, if you don't mind, and I'm sure you'll get a BIG WET SMOOCH FROM VIC, for being so helpful. :shock: :shock: :LOL:

    C'mon people...let's make this happen..
  2. BUMP - Totally agree with Raven that it is complusory that VIC should be there.
  3. if nobody gives him a lift, i will pay for the cab.
    no jokes, i am a man of my word :)
  4. do i get to drive his convertible???
  5. where exactly does Vic live? if it's near melton then i might be able to pick him up. i was originally gonna ride but as my bike is pretty much sold, i dont really wanna take her to the spur (never been there before) and risk a spill...but i still want to support this cause n make an appearance n buy raffle tix n sausages. i am currently unable to send pm but can read them so if someone wants to pm me details.
  6. I heard a little rumour that he was out and about driving himself on Saturday. :shock:
  7. i've spoken to him prior to this thread being posted, and he's told me it's too far a hike to drive all the way himself.
    So yeah, he does need a lift in a cage. Mind you, it would be a giggle to see him go two up.

  8. ...so we chip in for vic to arrive on one of those hired "harley joy-rides" ?????
    that would be priceless :LOL:
  9. Good onya Red! I have sent Vic a PM asking him to shoot you his details to see if picking him up for the ANZAC Day ride is feasable. Thanks again for your offer, and look forward to seeing you up there.

  10. I'm in Tarneit(Werribee) I'll let you know how i'm feeling the night before and if you want to swing past here that would be good.
  11. What sold the bike already, I thought you just bought it?
  12. Never rely on rumours, they make you appear to be a moron.

    I was being driven by the wife, we had taken the girls to the local circus.
  13. Cheers but I wouldn't be able to hold on :p
  14. Thanks, notes taken.
  15. O.K. then, scratch Steve for picking up Vic, who does that leave? :rofl:

  16. :rofl:

    I mean really, If I could drive I would. I can't even get to Williamstown for Monday night coffee.

    I drive the whole of 3 minutes to pick my daughter up from school each day and that is pretty painful. Every bump hurts, every corner that I take hurts and it's a right royal biatch trying to change gears and steer with one working arm.

    Seriously, I don't wish this pain on my enemies, it's pretty shit.
  17. ...ouch.

    This will be a more appropriate post here than in the laminator post then! -

    Hope the healing process is on track mate. Sounds like "fun".
  18. Bwahahahaha!!!!!! Jdkarmche...where are you?
  19. Probably doing ANZAC Day stuff since he was a major (in tanks, which probably explains the Harleys - the closest thing he could find in civilian life :LOL: :p )
  20. hey Vic,
    really sorry to do this but i wont be able to come pick u up tom. my gf has decided to go out with her gfs ton so im not stayin over her place (melton). Im really sorry. hope someone else can put their hand up n give u a lift.