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US MotoGP - Laguna Seca (SPOILER)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. Very interesting race this morning,

    Seems that home track advantage played a huge part, not surprising given most of them hadn't competed extensively there apart from the former AMA riders.

    Rossi doesn't get overtaken by Edwards too often in races...

    Results: http://images.motogp.com/multimedia2/362/362612.jpg

  2. Yeah, watched that this morning (just before riding to work :D ), but as they said, Rossi has enough points on the board not to get too worried...

    (Go honda ;) )
  3. Since when did the WWF write scripts for the MotoGP ...

    ... even the WWF couldn't script a better result for the riders/fans;
    - Nicky's first MotoGP win; on home soil (tarmac)
    - American riders 1st/2nd; on home soil (tarmac)
    - Yamaha's 50th anniversary; two podium spots; 2nd/3rd
    - Rossi on the podium; extending his lead in the championship

    me too. :D
  4. Ahhhh 6th, well done Troy Boy!!!! =P~ :applause: :applause:
  5. Grrrrr......

    I propose that the admins shouldn't let any users post about the MotoGP in this forum anymore!!

    I don't want to know about it before I've watched it (especially since there's no netrider in it). Yeah, I know I could have just not clicked on the topic, but since I saw the topic on my screen I was **forced** to click on it and read about it. Besides, the topic title was sooo obscure as to it's contents, I was unfairly baited into reading it too

    And as if I'm going to give my condolences to every rider that didn't come in first place ... it woudl take me a lot longer than the 2 seconds I'm allowed to think about it, and I certainly wouldn't mean it anyway since I'm actually laughing in all their faces 'cos Honda rawk anyways!!

    And no I don't respect anyone's right to post about the MotoGP and I will whinge and moan about teh fact that they have, because it's my right to do so. Why should anyone have the right to post about the MotoGP if I can't have the self control not to click on the topic if I don't like it's contents.

  6. Yeah it was good to get to watch it twice kinda in a short space of time, on fox and then a bit of a delay on channel 10.

    If only all the motoGP's were on in the mornings before we rode to work
  7. HAHAHA!

    Great post Mouth :applause: :applause: :applause:. i believe the moral of this post is highly derived from another thread which i will not mention.

    Just like all the Big Brother whinges out there who sit around bagging the show yet they obviously continue to watch it as they can recite in great detail scence/incidences which disgusted them. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, THEN CHANGE THE CHANNEL OR TURN IT OFF!!

    Anyway back OT, GO TROY!!! good to see him up the ranks abit rather than his usual 10th+ finish. He really needs a few good placings to keep his chances of a longer GP career alive. Also great to see that Rossi didn't finish first for once. A much of a legend that he is and i'm honoured to be alive and watching such a great of the sport who'll be forever chisled into the history slate, it's good to see a bit of competition and the other guys get a win over him.

  8. Well Colour me stupid (Said in bad southern accent). My predictions weren't even close.

    Local yokel Nicky Hayden finally hooks up that factory Honda of his and smashes the competition at his home race. Well done!! They'll be gettin lucky in Kentucky.

    Random gun shootings also sky rocketed in Texas after Colin Edwards came in strong second.

    Vale even seemed pleased with his third, which is not bad at a track he has never lapped on before.

    Both these finishes could not have been better for the USA GP I think. They had 150 thousand people there over the 4 days. Makes the Formula 1 look like and even worse debarcle (spelling?).

    Top race. :D
  9. And didn't the paintwork on Rossi's and Edwards' bikes look fine! :)
  10. Yep watched it before I came to work, Hayden lead a perfect race.

    It was also nice to finally see Bayliss get somewhere even if not on the podium.

    Big question on everyone's lips, did Rossi let his team-mate win? He did seem to find some pace on the last lap didn't he? Maybe he just wanted to show Edwards that he was faster than him after all....
  11. Definitely playing his Voodoo mind trick I reckon. I even think he would of had to pace to maybe push after Hayden, but the championship is a bigger goal. He never looked to be really on edge to whole race, but he did run wide at Turn 1 once.

    You'll be happy Nova, as they are off to sunny ol' England for the next one. Wot Guv'ner!!
  12. Ummmm I agree( he said thinking how the TRX would look painted something the same way)
  13. How much fun does that 'Corkscrew' section of the track look! 11 storey drop along it... there goes the guts... :D
  14. Nah it's ok, I'll catch it at the Island me old cobbler :p
  15. Yeah. Reminds me a lot of the Dipper just before Forrest Elbow at Bathurst.

    Imagine a GP race there...
  16. I don't know about a GP, but in 1980, Graeme Crosby was doing wheelstands down there on Ross Hannan's Kawasaki 1000!!!
  17. Or Denis Neill getting his bike vertical over the humps down Conrod (waaay before that stupid chase was put in) at something like 280 klicks. I forget what he was riding, possibly a CB1100R or something like that.

    Then there was the time during one of the Bathurst races, one of the lads thought he'd see what he could do the track in - at night. It was a Friday or Saturday night. Witnesses said that they saw a bike going like the clappers down Conrod, with the cops hard after him, but losing out. They then saw the bike's headlight pointing towards the Constellation of Leo as the rider hit one of the humps.

    The cops didn't catch him....
  18. What was even better, was that he gave the Ducatis (those that didn't DNF, that is) a flogging.

    It'd be nice to see him go one or two places better at Donington, but I doubt it. I think that TB was running on Laguna experience this weekend. Unfortunately, being at the upper end of the age bracket, he's fast running out of time to do anything significant in GP racing.

    I just wonder if he'll accept a ride back in WSBs, as is rumored for 2006, or will be gracefully retire?
  19. And before the Kiwi Crosby, even had a ride over here, what about the late great, Greg Hansford, at the bottom of conrod, braking for hell corner, with the rear tyre at least 6 inches off the deck, on the totally wicked H2R, first of the 100 mph + stoppies. :shock:
  20. That's Murray's Corner. Hell Corner is at the end of Pit straight and the start of Mountain Straight.