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US Imported bike...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by EuroTimmy, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. Anybody know if bikes brought over from the US have to have a new dashboard put in em because of the miles / km's thing or can you just do some fidling with them to make em switch... surely most digital bikes are shipped from Japan with the ability to do both formats yeah???

    I have a mate contemplating the purchase of a 06' R6 from the US.

    Any thoughts / ideas??
  2. Just buy a speedo healer. They do the MPH to KPH conversion
  3. Nice one... I'll check it out!
  4. Tell your mate you will also need a new headlight as well as the american one shines the wrong way.
    Also to get it through the adr compliance process can be a bit of a pain as well.
  5. the newer bikes with the digital speedos are able to switch from miles to k's with a few button presses

    the question is why you would bother bringing a bike in from the USA
  6. How do you change them from left hand drive? :)
  7. Normally to change from left hand drive to rhd you need a new headlight unit.
    Read expensive
  8. Allow at least $1000 for the engineering and government approvals process, on top of freight, GST, and new parts (headlight, speedo converter if necessary, new indicator lenses with europe "e" approval, etc).

    Or you could buy one here?

    How cheap is he getting this thing anyhow (and why is it cheap?)
  9. Here's some good reasons...

    1964 XLCH $5,300.00 - 45 minutes to go.

    Softail, about the same with an hour to go.

    2005 Buell Lightning, $2550.00 (This is my pick!)

    There you go mate, three good reasons.
  10. Well from experiance :wink: the Hardleys are the easiest to bring in to Aussie, just mark the customs documents
    "Stationary. No comercial value"
    and tell customs there paperweights, i defy any one to find a customs oficial that will believe otherwise :p
  11. That is heaps... thanks for the info... :shock:
    I'll pass that on to my buddy... not worth the trauma in my opinion.
    The prices are tempting for sure... but I'll be advising against it.
    Pi$$a!! :)

  12. well the first one didnt meet reserve

    the other 2 i cbf cut and pasting your links but imagine the same

    the OP's Q was about an R6 , as i said why would you bother

    there is a few bikes that are worth the bother but your latest UJM isnt one of them

    RC30/45 come to mind along with a 74 ducati 750ss