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US GP - Indianapolis

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by mjt57, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. The 250s are on at the moment. During the warmup lap they had the aerial shots of the bikes going around the track.

    Now, I know that motorcycling isn't that popular in the US, but from what I could see from the overheads most of the grandstands appeared to be empty.

    I wonder why the FIM or Dorna have bothered with two US GPs? Did they get a two-for-one deal or something and hoping that the gate takings from Laguna and Indy would make up for the lack of crowds or something?

    The main straight, if that is what it is, grandstands seem to have a few people in them but it's hard to tell.

    And they don't make it easy for spectators to view it either. One section has this huge Red Bull banner that seems to block the view of the track for at least one stand. (they did this same crap at the V8s in Can'tberra a few years back too).
  2. The venue is designed to hold 300-400,000 people. The big european races get 100-150,000+, so I wouldn't discount a good crowd there.

    Due to the size of the venue, apparently getting around the track and also the traffic leaving the circuit is a breeze, especially compared to a smaller venue like Laguna.
  3. Good to see Schwantz out there, on a 500
  4. Crowd attendence just under 80,000
  5. What a race!!!!!
    Woot woot for Hayden!!
  6. Didn't mind the result too much.
  7. do the maths

    US population 300,000,000
    race attendance 80,000

    that's .00027% of the population

    apply the same percentage to Philip Island and you have 5,600 people attending :(
  8. Australia has only 3 real cities compared to the USA which has about 50 and they have dozens of major sporting events every weekend to choose from.......YOU do the maths. :roll:

    80,000 isn't a bad effort to watch a bunch of Italians and Spaniards I think.
  9. Yeah I'm surprised they pulled that many, given the interest in MotoGP with the yanks (or world motorsport in general for that matter!)
  10. 80,000 isn't a bad effort to watch a bunch of Italians and Spaniards I think

    and an American finishing third, no, of course not :roll:
  11. AND another American finishing 5th, no less.

    Fact is that, despite the much better climate and track in So-Cal, Laguna Seca will always struggle to get crowds like Indy. Why? Because Indy IS Indy. All the tradition, all the hoop-la, all the razzamatazz that only IMS can put on. Add to that the plethora of other events that surround the weekend, and you have a sure-fire crowd-puller.

    You could hold a BILLY CART race at IMS and draw a huge crowd for no other reason than the fact that it IS IMS.
  12. yeah, 80k in Indy (or any big oval, really) will seem pretty sparse -- it's the nature of the track. The place is fricken huge. Went for F1 back in 2000 -- wasn't that impressed, really.

    I went to Laguna for the year that MotoGP went back to the US (2005, was it?) -- that year's Sunday attendance figures were around the above mark, and it was PACKED. It also took forever just getting out. 2+ hrs just to get out of the track IIRC. Much smaller, and much more bottlenecked place.

    Laguna's cool, but if I had to choose one marquee 2-wheel spot for North America, I'd rather have seen FIM incorporating the Daytona 200 into the one of the world championships -- that's a damn cool event. (Recalling the '94 Fogarty-Russell race :grin:)
  13. That's right he didn't win which in the eyes of the Yanks means he "lost". Why would they want to see that? :roll:

    FYI my understanding of Indy is it's still privately owned and the reason being they are then not required to give an official attendance number for the Indy 500, therefore they can avoid some of the tax that would be payable for an official attendance of 400 odd thousand.

    True or not I don't know. :?: