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N/A | National [US] Dog carrying motorcyclist fined. Blithering idiot makes a comment about it.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. The internet - the domain for blithering idiots without a clue.

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    "Authorities in New Jersey said a man cited for riding his motorcycle with his pug on his lap told them he had been riding with the canine for years." UPI

    Perhaps you can forgive a college kid for displaying such poor judgment, but Gyula Szatmari, 56, is no spring chicken.
    It`s a shame that this dude has been riding his motorcycle with his pooch on his lap, and he`s been cited only once before for improper transportation of an animal. The public needs to get involved, if you see someone mistreating or putting an animal in danger, call the cops!
    Szatmari shouldn`t have been riding his motorcycle at all, it was raining. I hope the cops force him to take a class on motorcycle safety, and I pray the authorities take his dog away.
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    Is there anyone on twitter who can give this idiot a serve? Farmers have been carrying dogs on tanks for years without any concern... WTF is the comment about not riding in the rain?!?! What a twit.

  2. what a twat.

    youtube busabundy. that dog loves riding!
  3. :LOL: What a difference a hyphen makes, "turning dog carrying motorcyclist", literally a dog carrying a motorcyclist into "dog-carrying motorcyclist", a motorcyclist carrying a dog.

    as for the farmer comment, it's doubtful farmers carry dogs on their bikes at the same SPEED with which road riders can, but if they do, then they should be condemned as well.
  4. ^^^^^^^ Case in point Rob.
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  5. A dog will only jump off a moving bike once. Then they get back on and stay there until you tell them to get off. Unlike some pillions that keep trying to get off the wrong side in the middle of a corner.

    Dogs love being on the bike, or they used to until bloody do gooders got it banned, How do you explain to a dog that he's not allowed on the bike anymore after many happy uninjured years of cruising around..
  6. Yes!

    I had envisioned someone putting black Hayabusa fairings on a malamute, riding it around in black leathers, black boots, black gloves, black helmet and tinted visor. :D
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  7. LOL, I can laugh at the ambiguity of my subject title... and I'll wear it despite my mod powers. lol

    ...I'll choose not to poke fun at a wayward quotation mark.

    Spots, a busa'd up malamute would be a sight!

    If the farmer case isn't good enough then surely Tex and Bundy are above reproach?
  8. I've seen at least one ostensibly serious riding manual from the US state that you shouldn't ride in the rain. Given that I cut my biking teeth in the UK, I naturally found this to be very amusing :D.
  9. :LOL: I was GOING to exercise my best Winston Smith efforts and edit that the next time I read the thread, but, what the heck!
  10. Dog on lap has been made against the law unless it's a farm dog and I think for distances no longer 500 meters...
    Don't know why, it'd been done for ages and I doubt dog fatalities over the years was was ever an issue...
    Would have been more to do with animal lovers who were clueless about motorcycles..
    You know once again the saving everyone from themselves mentality..

    Photo below was on a Far Riders last year where dog was quite happy on a 1000k ride.
    But comment on riding in the rain!!!!!](*,)

  11. well what are you supposed to do then ?
    tow the dog behind you ?
    put rollerscates on it ?
  12. you COULD leave it at home, where it would probably prefer to be.....
  13. Narrow narrow narrow thinking.




    and of course


    They be some happy dogs!
  14. I am - I am tempted to...

    Edit: ****it. Done. Tweeted - http://twitter.com/#!/adprom/status/112083624626630656
  15. I'm intrigued, how do you know that is where it would prefer to be?

    I am no dog person, but it seems to me an amazing amount of dogs will jump at the chance to be in a car, and stick their heads out the window... A motorcycle would be heaven for them
  16. While the OP comment about rain is ](*,)-worthy, there is some merit for concern about traveling with pets:

  17. I don't think anyone would contend that there isn't some risks to be aware of. As with anything, caution and common sense applies.