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US Biker shoots dead a speed camera operator

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by smee, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. http://www.visordown.com/motorcyclenews/view/us_biker_shoots_dead_speed_camera_operator_/6813.html
    Enraged 68-year-old kills safety camera man in ride-by shooting
    A BIKER in America has shot dead a speed camera operator in a ride-by shooting, Police have said.
    Thomas Destories, 68, handed himself into Police after opening fire on speed camera operator Doug Georgianni's van.
    Destories has subsequently been charged with the first-degree murder of the 51-year-old.
    "I'm sorry. I was going to turn myself in," Destories, 68, told police. "I didn't mean for anyone to get hurt."
    During the incident five shots were fired at the marked Safety Camera van. Three were grouped on the window of Mr Georgianni's seat.
    Police found a magazine for a .45-calibre pistol in Destories' front pocket when they arrested him. 
    "safety camera"? :shock:

  2. jeeeeez, didnt mean to hurt anyone though! =\
  3. I wonder if those 'safety camera's have an irony detector as an optional accessory?
  4. pointless shooting #12,234,589 in the U.S.

    but for the biker connection, it's non-news
  5. Talk about a case of 'don't shoot the messenger'!

  6. considering what the tint on the ones here are like, i guess, depending on how far away he was etc, that he didn't actually think someone was in there?

    stupid thing to do anyway
  7. Can you say "A m e r i c a n".
  8. Someone who does a job like that is not an innocent. His job is to f***k you over, and by being there he directly contributes to the process. People do this kind of jobs because they can so successfully separate themselves from what effect they have on the world around them: "hey, I'm just doing my job!"

    Well, that's not good enough for me, not anymore. You ARE responsible for what you do in your job. You could always look for something else to do, couldn't you? Nurses are still in demand, you don't have to make a living by screwing others.
  9. Even if he wanted to make a living screwing others he could be a male prostitute!

    Considerably higher up the social acceptitilibty list than speed camera operators and parking inspectors.
  10. +1
  11. So lawyers who defend guilty people, cops who book you for trivial offenses, transport inspectors who book you for not having a valid ticket (no matter the excuse) and grey ghosts (parking inspectors) amongst many other occupations all deserve what they get due to the job they chose to do.

    Really the shooter was brainless idiot who killed someone innocent no matter what his occupation was.
  12. So he deserved to get shot? Do you know how ignorant you sound?
  13. Oh FFS. You are responsible for your speeding - no one else.
    The guy died doing his job which is not a job that should involved weapons in any way.
    Maybe he justifies his job by saying he's saving lives? WOW, what a terrible guy he must have been.

    If you have a problem with speed cameras and how they work, talk to the politicians, don't shoot some poor bugger who does what he's told.
  14. Remeber talking with the WA guys a few years back and the rage taken out on the multi-novas operators over there.

    Apparently there were several incidents where people took the camera, beat with a golf club, back over it with the car, threaten violence to the operator. Shit job, but someone does have to do it. And if you cant get work or pays significantly moer then what you could earn else where, as if you are going to say, nah i'd rather starve. They are a bit different to the grey ghosts that just can be complete c*&ts at times.
  15. Australians of course being paragons of good decision making. Shredding faces with broken glasses, stabbing in eye face with chair legs, and on the news just this morning: Shooting someone in the head 30 times with a nailgun.

    Don't make stupid generalisations, both countries have their fair share of idiots, and neither country is full of saints.
  16. If that's how he justifies it… or rather justified, then he was delusional.
  17. So, according to this logic, everyone who works in the coal industry, drives a car etc deserve to be shot by a "biker"? As they all "contribute to the process" of air pollution and if you're that way inclined Human induced global warming and thus have an "effect... on the world around them"? Are you trying to say that the speed camera operator ( to use your term "not an innocent") can not use the Nuremberg Defense and as such deserved to die by a person carrying a gun who was upset by their perspective on speed cameras being a revenue raising instrument?
    Yes we can be responsible for the type of job we do, but be careful with your absolutisms as if you transfer it across to other scenarios, you will find that your argument is faulty!

    Oh another thing, the term "Biker" in this article would imply OMC in Australia, however, I think overseas it just means "person who rides a motorbike". Is this correct?
  18. If more people did then the world would be a happier place.
  19. FFS, that's not the point at all. If he wanted every motorist in the world to be fined for going 1km over the limit it makes no difference. Whatever his reasoning for doing the job doesn't mean he should be killed.

    The debate for "speed kills" doesn't belong in this thread at all and isn't justification for taking someones life.
  20. Nowhere did I say he should be killed. I'm just saying that a justification such as "I'm saving lives" is BS.

    I'll freely admit that I think anyone who destroys a speed camera is an entry-level hero… but I don't think one should be killing the people who operate them.