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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Justus, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. www.Zoomantics.com.au

    Was pleasantly suprised today when one of our Australia Post
    employees dropped off a coupla packages for me to find it was
    from non other than Netrider's Vic. wink3.

    Everyone was coming over to my desk to have a look at what
    was inside the package. All the ladies asked me who did it &
    how. I was able to tell em who but not how! :p

    180 piece jig-saws


    Mouse pads


    & 4 mugs (very well packed as well) :grin:
    The boss is big on mugs (coffee addict) so good of Vic to do one of her.


    Kids love everything Vic. Soon as I walked in tonight they all forgot
    about their dinners & wanted to use the mugs straight away. Loved
    having their names on em as well.

    Kaiden 1
    Kaiden 2

    Nice gift idea guys. Visit Zoomantics for more details.
  2. That is gorgeous!

    Now to get a jigsaw and coffee mug with my BIKE on it! :grin:
  3. Nah, what we really need mugs of is Jeff's state of origin browneye. They'd go down a treat at work.....
  4. i'd be happy with a puzzle of wendy's infamous thread busting photo ;) and i have a copy :LOL:
  5. Hmmmm... sounds like im missing something there.....
  6. You have a copy???
    That picture just keeps rearing it's ugly butt!! :LOL:
  7.  Top
  8. OMG so seksy on the zx10r :grin:

    Partially the bike tho :)
  9. Cheers Vic bow_down2.

    & thumbs up for packing the boxes with 1/2 a-tonne-a shredded paper.
    Cleaners gonna love you. Its all over the floor at work. :LOL:

    Had to get the wife to come pick em up because it was too big to carry
    on the tricycle. :p

    Some of what Vic sent me today:

    My brother & neice.


  10. It's always a business doing pleasure with you :rofl:

    no, wait, I think I got that arse about :? :LOL:
  11. crackup. Vic

    Likewise. 008-1.

    * You just remember the new arrangement we agreed to! * whip.
  12. Damn wendy you have a password on there now.. :LOL:
  13. Thats what happens sometimes when you post links to their

    I should upload all the sexy photos I saved. Whatta U say BM 1053.
  14. :-w :-w :-w :-w
  15. You guys are way too sweet to share them with everyone! :angel: :-$

    (Fluttering eyes......)

    This thread is getting way off topic- my pics had nothing to do with Zoomantics! :LOL:
  16. oh, but they could!!

    such potential :grin: :cool:
  17. Walked right into that one didn't I?! :oops: :grin:
    Sounds like the sort of comment that DT would make.......... :shock:
  18. I dont know what you're talking about... :-w

    I'm sweet and innocent.....
  19. Can we order 2 of those??? :p
  20. Signs_72_S61XBQ.

    One for each hand. :LOL: