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[url]www.bikebiz.com.au[/url] do not honor their orders

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by miranda, Feb 27, 2009.

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  1. www.bikebiz.com.au do not honor their orders

    I ordered a shoei helmet from bikebiz over the internet, entered my credit card details and got a confirmation email for my order. Then four days later some joker from bikebiz calls me to tell me now they don't have any in stock.

    What a joke. My money was tied up for 4 days. If they'd have been honest with me and told me up front I could have said fair enough and gone somewhere else. To make me wait 4 days and then tell me they can't honor their commitment now is extremely poor customer service. It's one of the latest XR1000 models so I'm sure they could get it. They just don't want to order another one and lose a little bit of their profit margin.

    Well, this was my first experience trying to buy motorbike gear online, and my first time dealing with bikebiz. I can tell you I wont be shopping there again, ever.
  2. Nice first post
    Got some other interest in another company by any chance?
    Care to read the T&C's and post in the PROPER forum for this?
  3. edit.... Not worth it.
  4. Not uncommon when stores are selling items both online and in-store.
    Obviously in-store sales are always going to get priority, learn to live with it.
  5. No, I don't have an interest in another company. I'm just trying replace my old shoei RF/R and I saw bikebiz was having a shoei clearance sale. Mind you 99% of the helmets on sale are XS or XL. I was looking for a M, so I was surprised to find one on sale and I ordered it.

    Point taken, I should read the T&C's, and in an a moment of being pissed off I probably posted in the wrong forum. My appologies.
  6. +1 jd

    If this is all you have to whine about Miranda, consider yourself lucky. :roll:
    4 days wont kill you. Besides, if you used credit, it aint your money and wont have to pay any interest for 55 days?

    I bought a new 50" plasma & blueray player a week before Christmas, paid $2500 cash. Seems they had an error in their stock figures and it had to be ordered in. Arrived last week in Jan ( yep almost a month ).
    That's life.
    Don't get me wrong, I'd be annoyed too, but is it really that bad you need to shitcan bikebiz here?
    Sorry if this post seems harsh, but with the hardship some people are going through ( recent fires here ), I don't think you have anything to complain about.
  7. My multiple dealings with Bikebiz have always been fine, these things happen everywhere, it is not exclusive to Bikebiz.

    I believe it was Jim Morrison that said "You can't always get what you want".

    Edit: You said it was a clearance sale & you were suprised to find one in your size... nuf said

    Perhaps if you let them know of your displeasure, they will go some way to try & keep you as a customer? I know I would.


  8. I don't see what fires has to do with poor customer service. I just need a new helmet. Now I have to waste my time searching for another one and I can't ride this weekend. You might say so what, but I don't care what you think.
  9. Your piss poor lack of planning is not a reflection on their customer service.

    Online "shopping" is not instant. Online stock figures are never instantly updated. Occassionaly you run into the situation where oopsie, your item wasnt available anymore. It sucks, but is nobodys fault. Unless of course, you paid by credit card online, and didn't bother ringing to ensure the item was currently stocked, or your order received, etc? Didn't give the human touch your demanding so vigorously from this company?

    I'm willing to bet they *can* order one in, just not for the "clearance" price, hmm? Hell, I might give them a call right now and post up there response to a normal sales enquiry on that model and size, hmmm?

    Mmm. Anyway, welcome to netrider.
  10. Time of month much? So you tried to buy something from a website at much less than RRP... they took a few days to get back to you and say they didn't have what you wanted.... now you complain about not being able to ride on the weekend.

    a) If riding on the weekend was that important you would have gone into a shop and bought a lid.

    b) You get what you pay for, this include customer service.

    c) Loose some attitude - believe it or not it isn't the worst thing that could have happened.
  11. Not contacting you at all. THAT would be poor customer service!

    Letting you know, that's NOT.

    Online stuff is difficult unless you have your e-commerce shop linked to a computer inventory management system. What if someone ordered that one last M helmet online 60secs before you did. How would they have told you? Did you order after hours? Even harder to control then.

    If you consider that poor customer service, you need to shop elsewhwere, as in, outside the motorcycle industry!
  12. Joined today ...
    FIRST post .......

    EDIT: Can't be bothered replying
  13. And even a week later they are still advertising the helmet on their website... As you can see it says Silver Medium is available. Pretty hopeless.

    www . bikebiz . com . au /enter.html?lmd=39534.728657
  14. The site has the helmet yes, but the sizes listed
    xxs - xs and s

    By silver I take it you mean "flutter2"
  15. Miranda. Brace yourself.

    Your attitude is wrong. You dont seem to have any experience in online shopping to support your claims that your treatment has been "substandard". You had false expectations, and your not modifying your attitude to accept this. The site may advertise anything they like.
    It's no different to a company advertising, say, "jet boat rides" but not being able to take your booking because the boats down for maintenance. Would you chuck a tanty about that?

    It seems your fantastic at online communication, going through a sign up process merely to have a whinge on here and god knows where else. Did you *ever* take half the effort to pick up the phone and call them?

    In conclusion, let it go. Nobody here seems to agree with your point of view, ergo, nobody cares for your ongoing complaints.

    The XR1000 is what, near on $900? Not exactly bleeding orphan heartbreaking story of woe territory.
  16. +1 The terms of their website state as much.

    In future if you want to buy something that is of extreme importance or urgency try picking up the phone instead.
  17. At least you have a home for it to be sent to... :jerk:
  18. Sir Michael Jagger actually... :LOL:

    And by the time they receive your order - read it online, do a stock check etc. then 4 days to get back might not be so bad. Annoying in that you might expect their stock list to be online and linked to their ordering but not everyone has (or can afford) sophisticated warehouse systems.

    I really don't think it's all that bad. I've never dealt with Bikebiz but there are those here who have and the consensus seems to be that they are OK.
  19. You know on reflection we dont know why they are needing the helmet.

    Maybe they had a crash, maybe they want to get back on their feet, maybe they were wanting to ride in support of the fires this weekend.

    Stress does funny things to people, and we shouldnt be too quick to judge...but then again, neither should Miranda, towards this store.

    Let he without sin, cast first eh.
  20. This thread is ridiculous AND in the wrong forum.
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