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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Spud Gun, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. http://www.motorcyclenews.com.au

    Curiousity makes me ask this, but I was looking at bike reviews at the MCN site in the UK, and then tried to see if thre was an Aussie equivalent and entered:


    Lo and behold I get directed to Netrider! So admin dudes, is there some affiliation with MCN Australia or is there a bit of domain parking going on?
  2. Add that with the moto? one that shows up the top.

    Do a whois on who owns the name and who its registered to, it will tell you.

    Edited to add it's motosearch
  3. So has no any communication with AMCN occurred? Have they given consent for its use?
  4. My "guess" Is NR bought the name and have it re-directed to NR.
    I haven't bothered to whois the addy, but i will now cos im bored.
  5. I am pretty sure parking a domain like that, even though you are the legitimate owner, is illegal in this country. I found a couple of similar instances online:



    The same thing happened with ABCLearningCentres.com.au and SingaporeAirlines.com.au. In both instances, people legitimately acquired the domain names , and those commercial bodies took legal action. The people parking the domain names lost.
  6. Domain Name: motorcyclenews.com.au
    Last Modified: 31-Oct-2005 05:49:13 UTC
    Registrar ID: R00015-AR
    Registrar Name: NetRegistry
    Status: OK

    Registrant: Australian Netrider
    Registrant ID: ABN 74096993370

    Registrant ROID: C3320227-AR
    Registrant Contact Name: Jason Allen
    Registrant Email: ******@pobox.com

    Tech ID: C0573762-AR
    Tech Name: Dominic Main
    Tech Email: *****@netregistry.com.au

    Name Server: ns1.netrider.net.au
    Name Server IP:
    Name Server: ns2.netrider.net.au
    Name Server IP:
  7. Domain Name: motosearch.com.au
    Last Modified: 06-Apr-2005 14:13:55 UTC
    Registrar ID: R00007-AR
    Registrar Name: Bottle Domains
    Status: OK

    Registrant: Vic Fkiaras
    Registrant ID:

    Registrant ROID: C1343583-AR
    Registrant Contact Name: Vic Fkiaras
    Registrant Email: ***@netrider.net.au

    Tech ID: C2590388-AR
    Tech Name: Jason Allen
    Tech Email: *****@netrider.net.au

    Name Server: ns1.netrider.net.au
    Name Server IP:
    Name Server: ns2.netrider.net.au
    Name Server IP:
  8. That's a warning for you Sen Ney!!!
  9. I know not of Motosearch...

    But Motorcyclenews is not the name of any publication or business I know of in Australia. There is an Australian Motorcycle News, whose domain http://www.amcn.com.au is registered. There is an MCNews.com.au and they have their own domain. So I don't see any parking going on here.

    However, in Aus, to get a .com.au you normally have to show an ABN with a company name similar to the domain you are registering.

    Regardless, smart move!
  10. At the end of the day they can own 50, it's their money their site.

    Each to there own.
  11. In brief, you can have a .au domain if the domain has a reference to the business, a product or specialty.

    Ie. tennisballs.com.au could be John's Tennis Clinic

  12. :shock: It's completely different to these case :roll:

    The owners of motorcyclenews.com.au have legitimate use of the domain, are actively using it for it's intended use, are not engaging in domain parking, and did not register it in bad faith.

    :) :cool:
  13. The cases are not that different. The domain name cannot be used by that company of the same name should they choose to acquire it. Yes, it does link to a site that provides news about motorcycles, I just dont see the point. Netrider is a very popular site with a lot of members, and is standing on its own 2 feet very effectively in a competitive market. So why register a competitors domain name in the first place?
  14. hmmmmm
    think the owners of mcnews.com.au ain't gunna be too happy
    about this

    just might stand back and watch and wait and see ...... :twisted:
  15. :roll: It is not a competitors domain name!.
    It is a domain owned by a business with a legitimate right and interest to it.
  16. Top Work, how many more have you got?
  17. Didn't someone make a bucket of money years ago when Uncly Bill brought out Windows 95.

    Some smart cookie had the presence of mind to go and register win96.com, win97.com, win98.com etc etc.

    So when microsoft actually brought out Windows 98, they bought the domain back off the guy for quite a substantial amount of bickies.

    This might just be an urban myth, but makes for a good yarn anyway, even if it is.