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urgent! need to borrow a clear windshield in metro melbourne

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by xaphania, May 23, 2011.

  1. anyone living in/around the city with a cbr250rr mc22 clear windshield i could borrow? need it to pass RWC! willing to put deposit/pay rental fee :]

  2. welcome to the forum.
  3. No you don't.
  4. Its not a car,
  5. lol thats a new one by me :s
  6. dude, your first post and you want someone to hand over their property?
    good luck!
  7. You can borrow mine for $10,000 non refundable.
    nice first and last post btw.
  8. $10,000? OK. So that is why Arc keeps telling me to clean my windshield.
  9. Here is some info that may or may not help you. I am assuming the latter...

    -A "Windshield" is not a roadworthy item.
    -You can have a bike without one. It is not Unroadworthy to remove a "windshield" from your bike.
    -My only conclusion is that your RWC guy is a moron.
    -Educate yourself.
    -No one trusts you enough to give you their 'windshield'.
    -I can't believe the lack of problem resolution of people these days. Google some wreckers, buy one, do something! Dont just expect hand outs...sheez.
  10. well, guess you were wrong about it being my first and last post.

    the reason i asked for a windshield was time constraint. i know its my own stupid fault i only got a quote from one mechanic, but i did not have time to get a couple more because i had booked the Vicroads inspection 3 days later(again, i admit my own fault, but its my first bike, got excited)

    i guess the RWC mechanic from Garner's Motorcycles isn't a moron, but just out to rip first timers off. should have seen that, its a hard lesson, but i learnt it thanks to you guys. will indeed take my time, and do a lot more research from now on.

    p.s. @smee - a windscreen costs 25-50 aud shipped, i would expect interest to be returned with my 10000 deposit. cheers.
  11. garners? The place in North Melbourne?
  12. Yep. Gunna boycott them from now on, lol.
  13. So many dodge dealers and mechanics around, it's beyond a joke
  14. hmmm i wouldn't of expected that, but it's been awhile since i was in there