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URGENT:: Need repairer in Adelaide

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Owen, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. Hey people, wondering who people usually use in Adelaide for crash repairs. I was using show and go motorcycles but they seem incompetent and expensive. Ive been #$%^ed by insurance and am not getting enough money to repair the bike how i want it so i want to see if elsewhere is cheaper. Any comments would be had.

    Thanks guys,

  2. My first coment is look at your policy carfully and check if you are truly being "#$%^ed". if so then write a letter demanding a re-assesment of the damage and incured expenses. #$%^ing can be a two way experiance. (Check the letters of demand thread in the Politics and leagle section here. they format could probably be modified to your needs.)
  3. Ive already disputed it in writing. I'm being $%^&ed.
  4. We demand an interesting story we can read and then offer advice and sympathy for!

  5. For the story see the 'Bloody Insurance!' thread.
    i dont want sympathy. I want advice :)
  6. I'd be looking into taking that up with the office of fair traiding if you policy docs lead you to feal you have been "$%^&ed"
  7. Im the 3rd party so i dont have a policy to speak of. Im not disputing it any further its already been a month. I just want to cut my losses and fix my bike ASAP as cheaply as i can.

    Please, there must be some of you in SA that have crashed your bike and got it repaired somewhere?
  8. that is exatlly what they want u to do. I am having same problem just keep at them I got a lawer and am starting to get more positive signs from the bloody insurance company (zurich) they have decided to review it. Just keep at them cant help with repariers in adeladie sry m8
  9. I've never crashed my bike so can't recommend anyone sorry
    but I do stand by "NEVER USE SHOW & GO" cause they're expensive & offer terrible service.
  10. I have no idea what these guys are like - except i've bought a few bits off them and they are cheaper than interstate.

    Maybe they are worth a quote anyway


    There's also Nigel Morrell at Mile End - probably not cheap 8351 7088

    Good Luck

  11. Youve never crashed edgelett? How long have you been riding.
    Im getting worried ive been riding 18 months and already crashed twice now, wondering if maybe im not skilled enough or something?
  12. I've been riding since August 2005 and have not had any accidents.
    My BF has been riding since March 2003 and has not had any accidents either.

    I wouldn't worry about the fact you've had 2 in 18 months, I know some people who've had three in less time. MOST people crash at least once (or just drop the bike gently) during their first 2 years of riding. my BF & I may have just been lucky.

    But we've also had my dad to give tips and advice, and he's got 40 years riding experience behind him.