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URGENT: mentor required

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by josh000, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    I leave for germany on the 14th, and desperately need to get any type of license before then. If anyone is willing to give me a few catchup lessons on a scooter, motorbike or even an automatic car, I would be willing to pay or hope something could be worked out.

    I am in Adelaide by the way, but would be willing to travel somewhere in SA.

  2. Am I asking the wrong way in here or something?

    I see other people willing to help when other people ask for it. Is there anything at all I can offer?
  3. Maybe it's your subject title. There are specific people on the site who call themselves "mentors" for the sake of noobs needing help with their riding, so others are less likely to read this. There are also people in the wrong state for you.

    How about: go to your inital post on the right side click EDIT, then change the subject title to "URGENT: SA help required".
  4. Why not simply pay for a car lesson or two? Car will be easiest if you've not held your MC license before and it shouldn't cost more than $200. You could even get a local friend/relative to do it for a case of beer.

    Out of curiosity, why the urgency? I doubt you'll be able to drive in Germany on an Australian L plate license of any kind. Those krauts take their licensing system seriously :)
  5. I don't have friends or relatives able to teach me.

    If I get a probationary license of any kind, it is not an L plate, and I can drive overseas.

    Since I would need at least 5 hours of lessons, that is, at a very minimum, $300, not including any extra lessons and money for the test. It would be cheaper to get someone to show me, or at least have a car I could practice in.
  6. I got my manual probationary drivers license with only 5 hours of driving in a manual car. I had a lot of auto experience though. When you say catchup do you mean you have had experience in the past? If yes, I would suggest get one 1 hour long lesson with a driving instructor then do the test with that driving instructor present. If it's an automatic car AND you have driving experience I don't see why you wouldn't pass if you study the book well enough.

    A learner's permit will not help you I don't think. Having lived in Germany when I was younger I hear stories from friends now getting their licenses that it is a very extensive test, ie. travelling at high speeds (150+ km/h) on the autobahn is PART OF THE TEST. So as already mentioned in other posts, the krauts are thorough!

    Anyway, unless you can bypass getting Ls (not sure of regulations if you are over 25 etc) I doubt they will help you. German's can read English and they aren't going to let you drive on a learner license. Furthermore RACV (I'm in Victoria) recommends that you get an International Driver's License if you are planning on driving in Germany. And then to top it off no hire care company is going to hire you are car if you don't have an international driver's license or a Australian license that does have LEARNER in bold on it.

    Also, there are insurance issues of teaching somebody to drive who is not related to you under some personal insurance policies so I don't fancy your chances of having anyone knowingly hand over the keys to their car, even for payment (which in itself will void their insurance because it's being used for commercial purposes).

    All that said, I'd say driving instructors are your best way to go. Look up an asian one perhaps, they're notorious for being good value (bargain with them) well at least some of them!
  7. Not sure about S.A., but getting your Ps is not usually something you can do within 3 weeks. More like 6months.
  8. dont know if you need a licence to ride/drive on the Nürburgring, just pay the 20 euros and go
  9. I know the germans are thorough, which si why I am trying to get my P! license.

    A p1 license is not a learner license, hence p plates instead of l plates, and i can use it in germany. This has been verified. An instructor is not an option. If someone is willing to take a bit of time and help, please get back to me ASAP.
  10. not a chance unless you leave on the 14th of January 2009....

    bah, cant post link as i dont have 5 posts yet
    someone else can link to it or just look at their site
  11. That does not apply to me, because I have held my learner license since before the logbooks rules came into effect.

    I can go for the test and get my P1 straight away, as long as someone would be willing to give me some catch up lessons.