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Urgent help with a clutch lever

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by devochka, Apr 2, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone have a spare clutch lever for any of the following bikes?

    V25/VT250C 1994-2003

    VT250 1984-1989
    VT250L/S SPADA 1990-1998

    VTR250 2001-2010



    CB400 SUPER FOUR 2008-2009

    CB400 ABS SUPER FOUR 2008-2009

    VT500 1983-1984

    CB600F HORNET 2000

    CBR600F 1999-2000

    CBR600F4I 2001-2006

    VT600C 1994-1999

    NTV650 REVERE 1989-1992

    CB750F 1992-1999

    VT750C SHADOW SHAFT 1997-2007

    VT750C2 SHAFT 1997-2000

    VT750D CHAIN 2000-2003

    CB900F HORNET 2002-2007

    VTX1300S 2002-2007

    Desperately need it by 9am tomorrow and am looking at my curtain rode and seriously contemplating playing with it, a hand saw and Liquid Nails... :shock:

    Am happy to drive out anywhere throughout Sydney tonight to pick up, and of course reinburse you for your time and effort.

    (And before anyone suggests it... MCA doesn't open until 9am, and I need to leave Richmond at 9:30am).
  2. so u dropped your bike then
  3. looks like your foooked
  4. Do you have a spare lever?? :(
  5. Is it bent or snapped?
  6. Snapped... Hand hurts too much to manage a full day of riding because it's so short.
  7. If it is snapped, perhaps she should be asking if anyone has a welder; a few to spot tack welds should get her out of trouble in the short term.

    Dont have a welder unfortunately.
  8. Think youll be taking the car tomorrow, also when you buy a replacement, buy 2 more, always handy to have spares
  9. Just checked the Pazzo site for compatibility with anything I have and no luck....Sorry :(
  10. Bells Line of Road won't be as fun in the cage! :(

    Amazingly I am finding accesories online scare for my bike... unless I'm using the wrong search terms. :-s
  11. Thanks mate. Appreciate it.
  12. I think I would have had more luck with Liquid Nails and a curtain rod...but luckily.. I didn't need it!

    Mark from www.SydneyMotorbikes.net invited me (a complete stranger) to his home near midnight after hearing of my plight through Facebook, and put on a similar lever as a temporary measure.

    So grateful to the Smurf!

    His company:
    -transports motorbikes (either complete, damaged or in peices) throughout the Greater Sydney area
    -hires out rental bikes (including for track use)
    -runs bike mechanic maintenance courses
    among other things.

    Thank you www.SydneyMotorbikes.net !

    A real good guy with great business ethics.
  13. None of those bikes mentioned is a Ducati. No wonder you are finding spares for your bike scarce.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.