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Urgent help - rear wheel locking up

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ZRX, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. Hi all

    On the way home today (on a GS500F) I had to brake pretty heavily, and the rear wheel locked up completely. The rear brake pedal felt like it was stuck down, and I had to step on it pretty hard to get it off again. Since then the rear wheel has been locking up on application of rear brake or downshifting, I think that the brake is stuck on?!

    Has anyone had this problem, or know how to fix it? Help please!

    Edit for more info - bike only has about 4,000kms on it, and rear tyre looks fine. No problems when cornering hard under steady throttle, but it did slip a bit when pulling out from a t-junction.
  2. Does it have a centre stand? Put it on the centre stand in nuetral and rotate the wheel.

    What do you get??

    I don't know the bike, but I'm guessing it has a hydraulic rear brake?

    How old is the bike? Sometimes old brake pistons can have corrosion which stops them from retracting once the hydraulic pressure is removed... but 4000km shouldn't be a prob.

    On the other matter, what's your downshifting technique like?
  3. does sound like the brake piston.
    Are the rear and front calipers the same on the bike u could try switching them for a day or two to find out if the caliper is the problem. (however it will take u a few hours and will have to completely drain and refill both brakes with fluid afta ward)

    4000KM sound like th bike should still be under warranty make em fix it could be a new bike gremlin
  4. I'm not sure if it's being affected or not - it rotates, but I can hear a noise which I think might be coming from the brake. It sounds like the pad might be rubbing on the disc.

    I think so.

    Build date is May 2005, so that shouldn't be a problem. Previous owner kept it in a garage, only used on weekends.

    Never had a problem until today, and it locks up much more easily under rear brake.
  5. Ahh, I forgot about that. It is still under warranty, I'll look into getting it repaired.