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URGENT HELP Please - Noob brake question

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by matti-san, May 13, 2007.

  1. Hi guys just ermoved front caliper and took out pads. Replaced pads but as they were a lot thicker had to push back the things that push the pads. Anyways all fitted, pull in brake lever NO resistance. OK so now no brakes at all.

    WTF have I done wrong???? :oops: :oops: :oops:
  2. OK, so you changed the pads. New pads were thicker than the worn down old ones.

    You've pushed the pistons in the calipers back into the calipers to make room for the new pads.

    Had you ever topped up the brake fluid reservoir before?

    Is there any brake fluid leakage around the caliper anywhere? How about along the lines, or at the reservoir?
  3. Thanks Macca, no I didn't top up the fluid, ever. hmmm I think I may have undone he bleeder on the caliper, done up now. So looks like I may have to bleed them?
  4. Yup. Bleeding time. :wink:
  5. OK a new experience, life is just one big bloody learning curve when you get a bike. :grin:

    Thanks mate :wink:
  6. Rightyo, got some plastic tubing to fit over the bleed nipple. Loosened off the nipple and some fluid came out, not much though. Anyways tried pumping lever and still no much of a result, some but not much.

    So in short brake lever still goes flat to bar and I have no brakes.

    What have I done, or not done?? :oops: :oops: :oops:
  7. dude. hold up.
    Bit late now but u should have probaly just pumped the handle a few times.

    fill the fluid bleed it if u want to top up with new fluid
    then watch the caliper as u pump it and make sure it moves.
  8. Haha yep...

    When you push the pistons in, you need to pump the brake lever to push them back out again. It usually takes 10 or 20 goes to do it.

    Now you've got to refill your master cylinder, because you've squirted fluid out. Buy yourself some DOT4 brake fluid and you might as well replace the fluid in the lines as well, it costs all of 10 bucks.

    Follow the steps here and you're all sorted (it WILL be messy though, all motorcycle maintenance finds ways to be messy):


    Use the "How to bleed brakes" section.
  9. Thanks guys, I will give it a go. :oops:
  10. bleeding brakes is a job best done with two people: one to pump the lever, the other to catch the fluid before it flows everywhere!
  11. Well I am a twit I guess, I did a bit of bleeding and noticed air bubbles apearing in the reservoir at the top! So closed off nipple and proceeded to pump the lever untill bubbles no more and yay we have brakes!

    I guess I will still need to do dome more bleeding to ensure all air out, but brakes are OK if not a bit spongey.

    Thanks y'all. :grin: