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Urgent Help - No Headlights on daily rider.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Rapson, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. Thanks in advance.
    Bike is a 2006 Suzuki GSX750F and is my daily rider and only transport.
    All lights were working fine this morning and go to ride home this arvo and no headlights, high or low beam. Small park light above the headlights work as does the tail light.
    So far I have tested the bulbs OK.
    Tested the fuses OK however I have found no power at the fuses.
    Not to sure on where to go next, relays? would both blow at once?

  2. Sounds like a relay or wiring issue if the bulbs and fuses are ok, find the relay and check the wiring to it maybe
  3. Been looking at the wiring diagram and there doesn't appear to be a relay, I am thinking the ignition switch. Off to test it now.
  4. Most modern bikes run a relay, but as you said yours didn't appear to have one, there are some bikes that run the headlight power supply wires through the starter button, so that the headlight turns off as you press the starter. These can develope poor connections & require cleaning & sanding.
    Another possibility is in the high/low switch inside LH switch block. The power wire that supplies power to this switch can break where it is soldered on.

    If all other electrics work then I doubt that it is your ignition switch. The park/tail light usually have a different power source than the HI/lo beam. If there is no power at either side of the headlight fuse then you need to back track from there until you find power.
  5. Been looking at the wiring diagram and I think you are on the money with - Another possibility is in the high/low switch inside LH switch block. The power wire that supplies power to this switch can break where it is soldered on.
    I will investigate and let you know results
  6. Just tested the switch and no power to the switch
  7. It can also be a sticking/dirty start switch.

    As you press the start switch the lights turn off at the half way point. If after starting the switch doesn't return to home the headlights won't come back on.

    That's happened twice on my bike over the years.
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  8. Alan55 YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!
    Took apart the starter switch, felt a little bit gritty. Gave it a good clean with some contact cleaner and a quick spray with WD40 and hey presto I have lights!!!!
    Legend! Thanks for taking the time to have some input! Very Much Appreciated!!
  9. No power at switch & no power at fuse. Need to check wires between ignition switch & fuse box. Look at wiring diagram & trace where the power wire goes between these two. I would suspect it traces to a relay.
  10. This thread is why NetRider still has merit.
  11. I mentioned this back in post #4, but as you didn't respond to it, I assumed it didn't apply to your model. Disregard my previous post.
  12. Sorry Tinkerer, You are THE MAN as well!! I just re read your post and you were on the money. Reading the wiring diagram there didn't appear to be any connecting wiring between the starter and the headlights, not that I'm an expert at reading wiring diagrams!
    On your advice I did dismantle and clean the LH switch block so hopefully it should give me no problems in the future. Should have read your post a bit more carefully in the first place.
    Thanks again for your input.

    And yes big thumbs up to Netrider and its members. A simple request for info and the response has saved me huge inconvenience and a decent bill from a mechanic to fix a simple problem.