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Urgent - Help needed to look at a bike today.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nelda, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. Yes today.
    It is my dream bike and the price is right but it need to be looked at today before evening (the owner works night shift). The bike is in Wollongong.

    If you can, please email me (nelda.ng@gmail.com) and I would send you the address. I will owe you heaps and would let you ride the bike :shock:


    Mod, please don't delete this even if this is on the wrong folder, i don't know where else.

  2. I'm in Wollongong, email sent....
  3. Good Luck mate !!
    You'll find a few guys here are always willing to help out.
    PS: Careful with the "I will owe you heaps" :rofl:

    Good One Paul :beer:
  4. It's O.K. Hornet responded...
    It'll only cost you your Soul :LOL:
  5. :LOL: When I got there the bloke says, 'Sorry, mate, I've just had to take it into Frasers to get a new front tyre, and I don't know when it will be back, you know how busy they are!!' So I left my number.

    Then, on the way home, the Hornet coughs and I switch over to reserve, and it stops altogether!!! I had to hoof it to a garage in the steaming heat and get some fuel before it would start. (And, before you all say, 'Oh I know what caused that...', it WASN'T on reserve the whole time..... :?)
  6. Sorry to hear it Paul .. must've been blistering out there, I know it is here in Melbourne.
    FALCON-LORD .... :nail: even moreso now :rofl:
  7. Yeah Thanks a lot Paul.
    I really appreciate it.

    I would hate myself if i lost this one but I don't want to buy something without seeing it.

    Sorry about your 'misfortune'....
  8. Yeah Paul I make a habit of filling my tank up when there's not much petrol in it. It's served me well so far, you might want to try it... :p
  9. I agree, but reserve has never ever been a problem before; I suspect that the pickup on the reserve side of the tank might have a bit of gunk in it, I'll pull it off tomorrow and have a look-see....
  10. ^^^ badluck.
  11. Now that's wierd...
    I had exactly the same thing happen...
    Gave Loz a call but he was in Rehearsals
    He gave me the same advice he just gave you, then put me onto Johnny...
    By the time we had the bike going John had stripped out and cleaned the carbies and Airbox Give that man a puzzle and he is like a Terrier, there is no stopping him till it is all sorted.
    Johnny you are a legend man.
  12. You guys won't believe me.
    I think I'm always impatient but this is way too much...

    I just found out that I'm not eligible (yet) to go to full license.
    Although I'm over 30 and hold a full driving license, I miss the part that you need to held the driving license for at least 5 years.

    That 5 years would be september this year :cry:

    So if i have gotten this bike, it would be sitting in my garage...

    Now, talking about embarassment :oops:

    Paul thanks and really sorry to have bothered you.
    Mind you that Monster S2R is a bargain (provided everything is OK).
    Ah well such as life....

    I'll shut up and weep....