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urgent help - need to find switched ingition source!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by ball_bag001, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. howdy folks, well I am trying to fit up an Autocom system to our bikes, and the manual states:

    "Connect the red (positive) wire to a recommended, switched ignition, fused supply, such as the positive feed to the taillights, or rear brake light switch and solder the joint."

    so how do I figure out what wire to connect to? I'm no electrician but could use some help if anyone can point me in the right direction.

    I can get a test-light or multi-meter but do I simply stcik the pointy end on to a wire and turn on the ignition until the light/meter shows or is there a specific wire that I can tap into?


    PS don't make me resort to asking the Mrs for help!
  2. Yep, you pretty much got it right with your test light or mulitmeter theory :)

  3. Do you have the owners manual for the CBR? On mine the wiring diagram is included? If you do you will easily locate the wiring for the tail light....... Or if you have a friendly bike shop they will point you in the right direction ...........
  4. Yep you answered yourself with the test light / multi meter , its not difficult at all.

    Locate your fuse box, and using a constant earth whilst flicking the ign on and off you'll be able to quickly find one thats only "alive" with the ign on.
    Then tap into that wire on the LOAD side not the supply side.
    The easyest way to find the load side is once you have a fuse sused out, REMOVE it and with the ign still on.... only one side of the holder will give you a reading.
    The side that dont give a reading is the load side !

    As well as tapping into that wire i'd also FUSE the line your adding as close to the exsisting fuse as you can, that way your protecting the bikes system as much as humanly possable.

  5. thanks for the help guys, spent the arvo in the shed playing and got the Autocom's hooked up, tested and working on both bikes and have to admit, very hapy with them, glad I didn't go for a cheaper option