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Solved urgent help in Mittagong

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by cool jesus, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. #1 cool jesus, Aug 17, 2016
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2016
    URGENT Cool Jesus stranded in Mittagong
    Anyone in the area that can help with tools or tips please call
    I'm at the shell servo with a busted coolant return pipe on the Aprillia FARKKKKK!

  2. Yikes, good luck mate. Do you have RACV or anything? Any of your mate/family that can get you with a ute/bike trailer?
  3. Just tried to call you and left a msg with my number. I'm in Bowral so only 10Min away
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  4. Sorry, mate, I only work two days a week, and this is one of them, otherwise I'd be there in a flash....
  5. Get to a supacheap for some cheap tools and a length of hose...
  6. Also enzed have mobile vans that will come to you, had them fix a trans coolant line on a 4x and it was better than factory.
  7. Thanks guys, I knew I could count on netrider. Buh thanks to icemakericemaker, I ended up hiring a tow. $440 Mittagong o Homebush. I'll post up a photo of the bitthat failed me. It's a plastic hosing on the cylinder head that is the coolant return to the radiator. The planets were truly align I must say. Returning to Sydney from goulburn I hit the roadworks near Mittagong. Checking my speed as it went down from 110 to 40, yelp is fine one moment, Nek minet, off the gauge. Pulled up beside the road crew and as I'm checking hoses as I can't see any leakage, the return hose explodes off as the plastic pipe had fractures off. Jack hammer, Tammie R1 riding Dennis, popped over to help and we managed to get the hose to hold on just enough for me to ride the 8kms into Mittagong. I'll post up photos if the housing, if only it was just a hose
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  8. Oh yeah, the father in law has a bike trailer, only he's away over night in taree. Damn
  9. I spent 3 hours in the dark with no spark a couple of months back, luckily the bloke in front of me out of 4 on the ride noticed me gone and came back.He went to Blacktown and got his ute and came back for me.Not much fun watching the trucks fly past in the dark and cold. There is that governing philosophy of riders looking out for each other. BTW the missing spark was traced to some bodgy wiring I had done years earlier.
  10. OK, as promised, some pics of what caused my unscheduled visit to Mittagong.
  11. I should apologise for my poor choice of terminology in seeking assistance on the day. Evenso, all the replies I received were super appreciated in my hour of need. Big snaps to icemakericemaker, will have to just make a trip down your way, even if its just for another excuse to ride and say thanks personally.

    As you can see, the part is the thermostat housing. Located on the left side of the head. As mentioned earlier, there was no apparent loss of coolant so I start to manually feel the hoses for wetness when that particular house exploded off as I grabbed it. Lucky I didnt have my ugly mug down there at the time. So the plastic nozzle off the housing and overhanded tightening of coolant hose clamps by prior owners or mechs slowly deformed the end of the nozzle that the barbed end just sheared off.

    I will probs look at sliding a thin walled metal pipe, inside the nozzle, to avoid any future possibility of this happening again. Thanks again Netriders.
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  12. That piece should never have been made of plastic. Makes me very likely to avoid the brand.
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  13. True, it is only a baby Aprilia. In searching for alternatives, the smaller engines do have more plastic bits as opposed to the larger bikes that, as you pointed out have metal housings. Still searching to see if I can exchange the plastic with a metal unit. I have the same risk on the other side with the water pump cover...
  14. You might be able to find a place that will fabricate a metal replacement for you.
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  15. Yeah no dramas mate, wish I could've been more help and saved you some cash. If your ever keen for a ride down this way just give me a shout. (y)