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URGENT help: how to get a Xena lock off - broke key in lock!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by samtastic, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. so i bought one of their alarms (XNN model i think).

    traffic was quiet last night, so i thought id go for a little ride. got all kitted up, went outside and prepared myself to stealthily take the alarm off before triggering it/waking the neighbours (who last week posted me a noise complaint regarding my music).

    of course the key breaks in the fcuking lock. my bike is going no where now.

    it's now the next day, and i cannot get it off! i thought id be able to wiggle the broken key around and get it to pop off. but it's being a biatch.

    any thoughts?

    im thinking im going to get a hack saw and cut the pin. i think it's doable.

    cheaper than calling a locksmith ( would they even be able to help?)


    PS someone started a thread regarding their most embarrassing motorcycling experience... well this is mine so far.

  2. How in the world did you manage to break the key?
    They aren't flimsy Safeway jobbies, if it is the same key as mine then they are at least a couple of mm thick.

    You can try a saw however when you consider what the point of the lock is, I think you may be there for a while.
  3. Can you not put the broken bit of the key in the lock and continue to open it as normal?

    How much of the key has broken in the lock?
  4. ive got no idea how it managed to break. im hardly Mr Universe. maybe i got a dud? maybe it's a design flaw? it's a pain in the arse either way

    and ive tried unlocking it with the broken key. it wont come off. the lock wont go past a certain point. if i had a camera... actually i DO have a camera.....


    broken key and a spare. so 2/3 of the key is broken in the lock. and the little bastard will not move.

    already sent Xena help desk an email last night. they replied to ask where I was. So once they get back to work (im assuming they're in the States), they'll see im in Melbourne.

    fellow Netriders are often saying that a Xena won't stop the pros, so how do the pros get these things off? i just want to ride my new bike : (

    (ill look back and laugh - hard - one day... maybe after a few drinks)
  5. They don’t
    They pick the whole thing up and stick it in a van, then dump the disk off at the other end.
    They probably just deal with the noise until they get to it with a spanner.
  6. right.

    ok well im going to try and get it off with the broken key again. then im going to the hardware store i think
  7. I would agree that you may have received a faulty key.
    No way should a key like that break without a reasonable amount of force to it. I would be putting an email through to Xena's compalints desk as well as their help desk.

    I have heard of "pro's" using oxy torches however I can neither confirm or condone this. (i.e. Dangerous and can cause a lot of damage to your bike).
  8. Wow dude... you have definately got a faulty key. If this costs you any money id be hitting them up for it, and if it doesnt... at least a refund of your money.

    I have a xena lock myself, and it has such a small amount of resistance when you put the key in.. i just cant imagine how that has happened to you.

    As to fixing it... if you definately cant get it to turn with the key... call a locksmith and ask if they are able to do it, or maybe take the disk off and bring the whole thing into a locksmith, might be easier to explain your problem.

    Other than that, you might just have to purchase a new disk.
  9. hmmm not putting an oxy torch near my bike. i think i can squeeze a hack saw in between the disk and the locking pin, on both sides of the disk.

    Xena dont have a complaint desk, just a technical help desk (who've already been in touch with). Also just sent the Australian distributor an email, not sure what good it will do.
  10. i dont know how to take the back disk off (lock wouldnt fit on the front disk, the wholes were slightly too small). i only got my bike on sat. first maintenance ive been planning was to change the oil filter and drain the oil...

    printing off my spada's workshop manual tonight at school though.
  11. You will be there till Xmas with a hacksaw,its probably at least Case Hardened,what you need is a 4 inch angle grinder with a thin steel disc,and
    you will probably need to cut both sides,have fun and watch the sparks dont damage the paint
  12. locksmith is on his way
  13. I think your best bet is…
    Step one Remove the rear wheel.
    Step two go to a locksmith
    Step three explain to the locksmith how this isn’t a very dodgy scenario.
    Step one Remove the rear wheel.
    Step two replace the brake disk
  14. Call a bike shop and ask for some advice on removing the disk ?

    Maybe try this ?


    If your gonna remove the disk yourself, i tend to think you will need a proper bike stand to keep it up. Also, i wouldnt suggest cutting it off with an angle grinder whilst its still attached to the bike. Your going to hurt yourself, or accidently cut through another part of your bike.
  15. Why the aversion to the grinder?


    You're actually far less to cause damage with it than you are flogging around on a hardened pin with a hacksaw.
  16. Just use a 1/2" master key*

    It will do the job in no time .


    You can use a needle nose pliers to try and extract the key.
    The locking pins will be holding the key in place, if you are able to give it a few taps with a hammer and it should come loose.

    1/2" master key is a Ti Nitride drill bit. Drill out the lock, ensuring that the drill bit is large enough to destroy any pin that will foul the sheer line. It should then turn with anything that you put in the barrel.


    I just looked at the pic.
    1st point, get a fcuken haircut :p
    2nd point, the key/lock seems to be an Abloy type of design. There are no pins in that lock, it uses wafers, even easier to drill out ;)
    3rd point, go to your nearest mens clinic and ask to borrow some liquid nitrogen, pour it on the lock, tap with hammer, job done :grin:


    Wait for the locksmith :p
  17. well the locksmith came. he busted out his tool set and had it out in 5 mins (not before giving himself a shock with the alarm).

    $99 later and i can ride my bike again.

    will head back into the city to see if i can find a better disk lock. think ill forward the locksmith's bill onto Xena (already paid the bloke of course).

    who can recommend a different brand of disk lock? one with out an alarm? (ive got a fluro disk lock reminder anyway, so i wont forget i've got it on, even without an alarm)
  18. Is there anything a locksmith cant do!! :p

    Good to see your all sorted.

    You should go buy another Xena :p
  19. lol. good to see it came off.

    I did something similar (put the lock on the wrong way! nfi..) was a pain in the ass to take off. Couldn't get my hand inbetween everything to fit the key into the lock. Had to cut my key in half and use some pliers to twist it :cool:

    If ya dont like the alarm take out the batteries.