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Urgent....can anyone HELP?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by snakegal, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. Hi Can anyone in the East Burwood area offer a newbie some help? My Across won't start...not sure if it's the battery but only kicks over a little, but the engine wont start.

    No is 0402 857 862 I'm meant to be at Easternats now so any help is much appreciated if it can be today.

  2. Car it'll have to be. But if anyone can offer some help with this problem it would be really appreciated.

    Enjoy your day off everyone :wink:
  3. Sounds like the battery is stuffed.

    Try recharging it and see if it holds charge, if not you're up for a new one.
  4. Also make sure to check if there's a clean connection between the battery terminals and the leads.
  5. Lol...my first bike...I have no idea where the battery is. Ok let me re-phrase that, I have no idea how to get to the battery.

    Another thing that may be relevant...I did drop the bike about 4days ago but have ridden it since.

    Thanks for your advice guys, when I figure out how to get to the battery I'll check it out! :wink:
  6. Hi snakegal, have you checked the basics? Kill switch, enough fuel in the tank, bike in neutral if the kickstand is down?
  7. Hey Haggis, yep, bike was in neutral, kill switch was in the on position and I'm certain there's enough fuel left as I only filled up no more than 75kms ago. Unfortunately doesn't sound like anything really simple like that...very valid points tho!

    ...I'm guna go try again now may have some luck.
  8. Does the Across have a petrol valve (damn censors) make sure its on
  9. Does it have carbie? If it has, try draining the carbie float chamber. There could be dirt inside restricting the flow of fuel. When I dropped my GPX250. I started and ran till I get home. The following day it won't start. Somedoby advised me to drain the float chamber. I did and my bike started without any hesitation. If your bike is fuel injected, you are welcome to disregard this tip.
  10. um, lol now ur testing me. No clue
  11. I think the Across's are fuel injected but just guessing here
  12. No, they have carbs rather than fuel injection.

    Have you checked that the fuel tap (right side of the bike) is pointing down (ie turned on)?
  13. The battery is usually under the seat.
    It may have dumped some fluid out when on it's side and just needs topping up with distilled water.
    However with the onset of cold weather in which batteries perform their worse, it may just be a case of buy a new one.
    As said before, a charge may fix it
  14. thwe battey on these sits UNDER the handbag... right behind the stearing head... 6 screws and she's off
  15. Thanks for all your suggestions but after all this the bugger decided to start. I didn't do anything different to today and it just kicked over beautifully like normal.

    May get to meet some of you at coffee on Friday if I can make it.

    Thanks once again, and thanks for the call and advice Greg!

  16. Well thats all good then! :grin:
  17. Mel,
    I still reckon the beasty was flooded..... kick the cage out of the garage and give the bike some winter comfort....

    p.s. you using unleaded or premium in the sssqueezuki.....might pay to ask the previous owner what he/she ran in it.
  18. It could still be the battery (and you should check it anyway) so find out how to get to it and check its fluid level. These things have a way of waiting to stuff up when you most need everything running perfectly.

    If they're anything like the GPXs you have 2 key holes on the rear left side of the bike. The lower one should be the correct one, so insert key, turn, and the seat should pop up. Just lift the seat from the back and the battery should be underneath...