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URGENT: Can a Helmet be too tight?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys :)
    Well I bit the bullet, dragged the visa card out and went to bikemart to get a 'decent' hemet. It was either a shoei trz or the arai vector.
    Having had trouble with not getting my previous Nitro not snug enough, I found the shoei fit alot more firmer then the arai.
    BUT ... after trying it on at home ( havent ridden in it yet as its a xmas pressy ) It's so tight to put on, thats it actually HURTS my ears. Removing it is WORSE :( OUCH
    My Question .. can a helmet be TOO tight? Its bearable once its on, but I'm worried that after riding in it a while my head may swell to the point I may need to get it surgically removed :shock:
    Will it give?
    I dont need a $600 ornament .. should I get a larger size .. or go for the arai which seems to have a larger base?

  2. Vinnie, the padding will 'give' a little bit as you wear it, so I wouldn't panic too much. Better far to have a helmet that is a bit tight than too loose. (Sounds like Mr Granger in "Are you being served?"; "Don't worry , Sir, the trousers will ride up/down with wear...").

    Funny you should mention Nitro in this context; I have an N510V which I've had for two years and I have found that after the initial bedding-in period, it has stayed just as snug as it was when I bought it :?.
  3. Thanks Paul :)
    I see I am not the only 'early riser' :p
    I dont know if its the padding mate, it almost feels like the base of the helmet is too small. I read that its better to buy the smallest size possible ( the reason I got xs ).
    Does a human head swell in the heat, shrink in the cold ? like fingers do ( my wedding ring always feels loose on a cold day ). If not.. then I think I'll be fine :)
    Nitro N610V has been a good helmet, except I didnt buy a small enough size .. that and the fact the chin strap retaining thing fell apart.

    :rofl: @ Mr Granger .. are they still playing reruns ?? I loved that show
  4. I found the problem I had with a helmet that was too small is that it gave me a headache within minutes of putting it on - then again my boff head is making it difficult when selecting a helmet :(
  5. I bought a helmet that was too small once and just blew up a soccer ball inside it and left it for a week.......................now if only my head could change to the shape of a soccer ball, I'd be sweet :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Chris: wore it for about 15 min .. no headache, no red marks on forehead etc .. seems to fit well once its ON :LOL:

    Jeff : :LOL: :LOL: melon head?

    I like the look of the TR-Z

  7. When I was trying on helmets, the sales staff was trying to sell me a large shoei helmet. Just managed to get it on. Couldn't take it off and he needed to help me yank it off.

    so now I have an XL. You have a small head :LOL:
  8. Nah... You've just got a HUGE BOOF head :rofl: :rofl:
  9. You should see the family photo. Everyone looks normal till you get to me. I look like humpty dumpty.
  10. :LOL: :LOL:
    You should see ours .. If you can find me its like "Hey PINHEAD" :LOL:

    I Just called Bikemart, they assured me "thats the way they are meant to fit, there is a knack to getting it off, it will give.
    So I guess I may have chosen the correct size afterall.

    Paul .. :nail:
  11. i got one that wasnt too tight. fit well at first. his given the smallest ammount in the last 5months. but still fits great and is comfortable to ride in

    alot of the safty police will go on and on about being tight. but as long as it fits, feels comfortable, is going to be always in contact with ur hea and isnt going to fall off (thanks chinstrap) then you will be fine i reckon
  12. Hey Slick .. You aint riding in this downpour this morning are ya?

    Its Bucketing AGAIN here :shock:

    .. wonder if you can get snorkels for bike helmets ?? :LOL:
  13. Get a haircut. :)
  14. OK ... which one? :LOL:
  15. Hey VCM, what happened to that budget? And waiting?!! Jumped right over the Arai and went for a Shoei. That's what I like to see, a firm decision and the resolve to stick to it. :grin:

    My helmet hurt my ears the when I first got it, but I learned to put it on by holding the straps and pulling them out sideways, so my ears had a chance. I still fold the poor little buggers over occasionally, but not often, and as I said previously, now my helmet is starting to get loose.

    At least with a Shoei you can change the pads if you need to, when it starts to wear or compact. Although with an XS, there may not be much room to move! Good choice, though not cheap.
  16. :LOL:
    I've been known to be very impulsive when it comes to buying 'toys'
    There is a method I used this time around, I have to admit ..
    ...lowering my head in SHAME [-X
    I just meantioned the word 'safety' and 'brain trauma' with my 'loose' Nitro. That's all it took for my wife to DEMAND I dont wait and go spend some $$$.
    Damn, She really DOES love me :p :p
    Helmet with an irridum blue visor cost me $600.

    Cheers Rod ! :beer:
  17. I have a shoei tzr - when i first got it, i could hardly get it off without ripping my ears off. i use the same technique as RoderickGI - pull the straps out sideways.

    4 months down the track with 3 times a week usage, its started to give and is not so bad.
  18. Hey Rabbit,
    Do you have a chin curtain and breath guard with yours? Was thinking of getting em, not sure how effective they are.
  19. Went shopping for a new helmet on Christmas eve, looks like I only have two options:

    1) A Shoei in white, tight fitting, but at least I didn't get a headache :)
    2) HJC do one model in black in XXXL, shop has ordered one in for me to try.
  20. Don't know about chin curtain, but breath guard does it's job somewhat. Less fogging of the visor...