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Urgent: bike stopped..

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Quivorir, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Sorry for posting here it this gets the most traffic and is kinda urgent. On thr way to the Island today my brothers bike just stalled. Now it won't start. Sounds like its turning over fine just won't fire up, tried roll starting it to no avail. It's a 2011 cbr250. Anyone know what it could be?


  2. this happened to a friend... it turned out to be the battery cable had come loose
  3. Check the most basic stuff first. Sorry to be so obvious but you never know. Fuel? Kill switch? side stand? Sorry cant help you further.
  4. it wont kick over if the battery cable is loose.
    -Spark plug cap could be loose(shouldn't be but you never know)
    -Out of fuel
    as said it is probably something basic
  5. Def has fuel, just filled it. Kill switch and stand are fine. Engine light has decided to come on though now as we are trying to start it.
  6. water in the fuel? drain some fuel into a container and check, unless you have a clear fuel filter fitted..
  7. Mmm..you fuel up, bike stops...otherwise it could be a heap of different possibilities. Including a flat battery if you keep trying to start it.
  8. This might sound stupid but it happened to me once. Is the bike in gear? Mine has a fail safe that wont let me start in gear unless I've got the clutch pulled in.
  9. Bike won't even turn over if it's on hear and clutch is out. When we get back I it we will check fuel
  10. If the side stand cuts the engine off, perhaps the mechanism is buggered, making it think the stand is down when it isn't?

    If fuel injected, can you hear the pump starting when the bike is turned on?

    Check if the kill switch is buggered.

    If it isn't roll starting and it's fuel injected, perhaps the pump isn't working. Check electrics before the fuel pump (switches, etc). Maybe a wire is loose going to it. Or, as mentioned, the side stand cutoff is playing up. Many folk remove those.

    Check if any wires are loose. Even under the rubber protectors/insulators on some joints wires can come loose.

    If nothing basic, then check battery voltage, check coil is getting juice/doing what it should, kick it many times and shout.
  11. 2011 model Honda? Did you get Honda Roadside Assist when you bought it? Phone them up. Otherwise it's still under warranty, it's the dealer's problem, just get it homw and call them tomorrow morning
  12. Dude the bike turns over, would be a pretty useless safety switch if the bike turned over while in gear with the clutch out because the bike would jerk forward.
  13. yes ... yes it would ... ](*,)
  14. we all make mistakes son :)
    and I'm certainly no exception :LOL:
  15. check of fuses? I am clutchin at straws here but as hornet said, if it is under warranry rind roadside assit
  16. I bought a 2011 model bike because they are more reliable, i can live with a bit less excitement compared to a 1990s model as a trade off for that reliability.
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  17. Just thought i might add some info that has helped me in the past.

    1. Try to start it, then pull out one of the plugs, if its wet then you're getting fuel, if not there's your problem.
    2. With the plug out, connect it to the HT lead and ground it to the cylinder head/frame. Turn the engine over with the started and check that you are getting a spark.

    Although these tests won't 'fix' the problem, they will at least give you an idea as to what is at fault.

    Good luck!
  18. What's the outcome ? Are you still on the Island..
  19. Sorry just got home...whilst we were waiting for the trailer I had a look in the book, said to do this "hold the throttle open and try the ignition for 5 seconds", not sure what it died, but it appeared to reset something as the dash decided to work (it had stopped working when we got back due to battery being flat).

    Hes gonna ring honda tomorrow and see what they say as it will be under warranty. Depending on what they say he will try put some charge in the battery see if it starts up. Ill let yas know how it ends up. Appreciate all the help guys, really do.
  20. Update: Its been at the hospital since Monday arvo. They rang him today and said it has "Engine Damage". Thats all the gave him. They are now getting onto Honda about warranty.