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[URGENT] Battery Ripoff! - Were to go?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Fa1c0n, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. Havnt had to buy a battery before - mines currently at 10v...

    I ride a Suzuki VL 250 2006

    This is the battery in it -


    Long story short its flat because of 5 minutes of starting it every morning for a week. That problem has hopefully been fixed now.

    Is their any chance of getting this charged up again with the altinator?
    I think it was from 2009.

    This battery goes for 120 or something stupid. Were should i go!


  2. Tonight? 24hr Kmart - buy a trickle charger
  3. Or a local auto store. Most will have a free service to put a battery on a pulse charger to both charge and recondition a battery.
  4. Jump it with jumper leads and go for a long ride. (follow car owner or bike owner manual instructions)

    If u have a car charger you could put it on the battery for a short while and give it a charge. This is not always recommended by all bike battery manufacturers because some car battery chargers put out more amps than a sealed bike battery can cope with.

    Trickle charger will take a while if it can at all. Sometimes they can't push past the flat battery "chemistry".

    Never heard of the pulse charge option. Sounds like a goer.

    By the way, that is a reasonable price for a battery. But you can do better on eBay.

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  5. If it's at 10v it's probably rooted, but fear not

    It's a tiny little 250, just roll start it till you get a new one, and remember the batteries you buy from kmart sca etc.. Are dry and need to be activated with acid, shouldn't cost you more than 80 from a battery joint, I have one that I just put in the bin, too late sorry
  6. Yeah rob.
    Had it done before, and from wikipedia:

  7. Dunno if this helps diagnose.

    Left my house - bat: 9v
    20 kms at 80km/h - bat: 13.5v
    20 kms at 100km/h - bat: 13.5v

    Im hopeing i just charged it. ill check it in an hour or so see if its still 13.5v?

    What auto shop does the pulse charging? also is it actually free?
  8. I also want to say -

    Thanks for rushing to the party and helping me out guys, its good to know their are people out their who are always on! lol.
  9. When I brought my first bike, every night I would come home & turn it on give it a rev and go up/down driveway for a minute and just imagine how good the ride will be on the weekend, by Friday my battery was dead I couldn't use it for the weekend so I went and got a trickle charger from Jaycar (this one) and the battery is working perfectly now.

    Two weeks ago I parked my bike & I left my headlights on while I was riding my mates bike, just competly forgot about it, ended up pushing starting it and getting it home, put it straight on the trickle charger & it's working fine again. I think it's worth having one even if you don't use it for 6 months you'll regret not having one when all the shops are closed and you need the bike/car/boat the next day.
  10. i remember that thread parker charger is a must
  11. Jaycar also do this:
    Which I reckon is worth the extra money, especially if you ever plan on leaving the bike parked up for long periods of time (like over winter).
  12. I purchased this one from this supplier about 6 months ago. Have been really happy with it. It does 4 stage charging including desulfation pulse etc.


    I also used it on a car battery that was not holding charge after giving it a full charge with a standard charger. 3 times, it ran flat after a few days of sitting around. I used this ctek charger on it to maintain it after the fourth full charge, and after being on there for 3 days took it off. It held it's charge wonderfully.

    It also came with a quick connector that you can attach to the battery and leave hanging under the seat so to connect it you just plug the lead into the port and let it do it's thing.

    It's been plugged into the wall socket 24/7 for 6 months keeping my bike topped off and no dramas.