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Urgent: anyone in nth syd own a black gixer

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by UDLOSE, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. My boss just showed me a photo of a black late model gixer lying on it's side on the footpath down the road. Looks like it's been smashed into in the motorbike parking and sent flying! No witnesses there, if I get the chance I'll go pick it up.

    I think it's on mcLaren st

  2. Me and my mate picked it up and put it back in the bike parking. Amazingly someone left a card on it hopefully to take responsibility for it and we left a note.

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  3. Good to see there are still some honest drivers around.
    That poor gixxer looks so sad on its side...:cry::cry:
  4. You took pictures of it on its side before you moved it which is good had you not then that would be bad
  5. Is that a 750?
  6. looks like a GS500F to me - then again all faired suzukis look like a GS500F to me
  7. A GS500F with USD forks?
    I reckon a 750 too...
  8. Yep 750 we were talking to some courier and he's seen the same bike smashed before. You can't own a nice bike and park in those free spots and not expect it to be destroyed. mine almost got taken out yesterday and all my work mates have had theirs knocked over atleast once.

    I also took a pic of the card that got left incase it goes missing
  9. Good on you for looking out for others.

    Come the rapture, which can't be too far off with this weather, you will be the last to die.
  10. The pic makes me sad.
  11. Well done on the pro-active approach and the note etc.

    I'm not sure about picking the bike up, especially if it has been there a while. The fluids will have settled and the damage done. Better to wait for the owners to be there?
    But I'm open to being convinced otherwise.
  12. I agree.

    If it where my bike, I'd be pissed that it was knocked over, then I'd be more pissed that someone I didn't know tampered with it again by moving it. Its already damaged FFS. Whats picking it up going to acheive?
    I'd wanna see the damage for myself. How i had parked it to where it landed, and exactly how it stood (laid?) after getting dropped.
  13. Going over the pics again it must have been a great knock to send the bike on a 90 degree angle horizontally and down the side.
    I feel the pain for the owner...
  14. Knowing north Sydney they'd slap a fine on it or haul it away. There's RTA tow trucks going around all day. It was lying in a no parking zone.
  15. I shudder at the thought if the owner was just stepping off his bike and was hit...
  16. If the battery is not a sealed unit not picking it up would allow the battery fuild to leak out,plus the brake fluid.Picking them up is smart and helpful.Imagine the ower on his or her own trying to lift it,way easier with more than 1
  17. ^this. Good on you Marty, if someone else had been as thoughtful as you I wouldn't have been slapped with a $170 "We moved your bike cause some fkwit knocked it over" tax too.

    Kick you while you're down....
  18. Ouch! In nth syd? 10 mins into the clearway on miller st ended up costing me $630..
  19. That has to be the most excessive thing I've heard anyone receive..
  20. I got done in nth syd for being parked in an expired bay. Stupid me forgot it was only the actual city of sydney which gave us any sort of rights.

    There's also shit all parking in north sydney if you're just popping in to do an errand on a weekday and don't want to commit to a parking station.