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Urge to cross to the dark side

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by NightStar, Jan 15, 2013.

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    Ok, not sure why but just recently lve had an urge to ride a sports bike. I've always ridden a cruiser, which l love and had no inclination to jump on a sports bike. But lately l see a sports bike go by & l find myself thinking about riding one, twisties and a second look at guys in their leathers lol! Do all riders go through this; like some sort of mid life crisis? Am l losing my mind OR has the 'cracken' awakened...

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  2. hard n fast....sports bikes are there to be enjoyed...not to putter along at snails pace....like ...certain other bikes that aren't sport's bikes do....=p

    more seriously - just buy a cheap shitbox sports bike n thrash it for a few months to either get it out of your system or get used to it before you upgrade?
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  3. Hey ... a girl cannot have too many bikes ;):)

    Go look at some and get a feel for what feels comfy ergonomicaly ... and buy it ...

    I have a Harley and a Ducati and love the contrast. It floats my boat (y)

    you only live once :)
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  4. It's the best really
  5. Know what you're saying. I get sports tourers and keep lowering the handlebars. So now am seriously considering a full on sports. :)
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  6. Definitely one of each. $6k will buy a decent 600.
  7. Go for a few test rides on sports bikes, or swap yours with some else with a sports bike for the day,

    Thy are both very different to ride,

    Sports bike riders like to ride cruisers occasionally, I do any way,

    I have both in the one bike, Its a sports cruiser, It suits my needs,

    But mine is home made,
  8. I've got a cruiser (well, actually two) and a vstrom (well, actually two) which is a adventure tourer. My shed is not yet full, and in a couple of years time I am sure a sports bike (or two) will also appear.
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  9. I had a mate who went from a Suzuki marauder to a 2012 gsxr 600. He hasn't looked back :)
  10. Keep the cruiser, pick up a sports bike then buy a dirt bike and then you'll be complete :)
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  11. Well, more to the point, no-one has seen which way he went :ROFLMAO:
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  12. made the change from a M109 to a ducati 1100 evo last year, and am having a ball.
    Maybe a changeback in the future? who knows. depends if they fit the mood.
  13. Id like to ride one just to see what they are like, as I have only ever ridden cruisers. Only problem is Id probably want to buy one then.
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  14. I had m109r, went to GSXR1000, absolutely loved it, but couldn't live with it for a few reasons. So went back to M109r
    Think I might buy another cheap one in future for track days and random crazy days
  15. Cross to the dark side? It sounds like you've seen the light.

    Being so close to the GOR I have no idea why you'd want a cruiser.
    There's heaps of fun little roads round there (horseshoe, bluestone, deansmarsh etc.)

    Get a cheap 600 and go nuts.
  16. Naked might be a happy medium, or a stepping stone to true riding ;) Give it a try.
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  17. I rode a sports when I did my 3 courses with HART. Don't know want the weight difference is but they did feel lighter than my 250 cruiser. Just able to touch the ground on the Hondas, the cruiser just felt better the first time I sat on it.

    As far as the GOR on a cruiser, wouldn't want to do that any other way. Some of the other roads though around Beech Forest & Deans Marsh I have also done on the cruiser. Have to admit though some of the dirt ones I didn't realise were dirt until the bitumen ended but kept going anyway as the views were great.
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  18. A perfectly normal perversion dear girl, go forth and test the waters.
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    With the enforcement that litters the GOR the cruiser would probably be a better choice.

    I find my cruiser better on dirt than the Ninja generally even though it is heavier.
  20. Test ride EVERYTHING. But the one you like the most. Easy.
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