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Urban's "Sick Day" Reefton Spur video

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by [FLUX], Oct 12, 2006.

  1. Here's some on-board footage from yesterday's Spur's ride. It includes the entirety of the Reefton Spur section, starting from the top at Cumberland Junction.

    It's a 101MB file, so it would probably be best to do a right-click and save, and then view it later.

    To view it, you'll either need the VLC Player, or to view it in Windows Media Player you'll need to first download and install the DivX 6.2.5 Codec if you don't already have it.

    Click here for the video link

    It was a real challenge to encode this video to within the ~105MB of web hosting space that I have available at present to use. I had to drop the resolution to 320x240. I also used some fancy custom settings to the XviD compressor to achieve the highest possible picture quality within the space available, using a mix of enforced maximum quality quanta and fixed bit rate to provide a bit of a cross-over between constant quality and constant bit rate. The quality is forced to never drop below a certain level, but if the action allows it, better quality images come through often enough to give the impression that the overall picture quality is somewhat better than one would expect with such low quality settings.

    After catching up to Jeff I had to drop back as his bike starting throwing up stones at me as we approached the road works section. Once we hit the gravelly bit, we slow way down, and you'll hear the tell-tale rattle of stones pinging off the inside of the front mud-guard. As soon as we get to the tar-snaked section, that signals the end of the road-works, and we're off again.

    I'm aware that the bike runs wide in one corner about 10 corners in. I was distracted and looking elsewhere momentarily:? , but had already checked up ahead and knew that nothing was coming. Stopped being distracted after that. :roll:
  2. Thanks Stu, I've lost my download speed so it's taken me this long to get it.
    The footage doesn't seem to give the full impression of how quickly you where going. What are your thoughts? Maybe it's the strobing effect from the shadows that's causing it.
    The gravel's a pain in the......
    What did Urban say? They've made the road safer, cos nobody will ride it. haha.
    Still, if you know it's coming and you're ready, then the rest of it is pure motorcycle gold. Had a great day. Am going again today. Giddyup.
    Oh, and if you ran wide on turn 10, then you ran wide on all of them, cos i couldn't tell :wink:
  3. Why didn't you ring me? I would have joined you for another jaunt in dem dere hills :p
  4. Thought you were going GOR?
  5. yeah I was....
    but I had a big night last night and slept in :roll:
  6. Hey Chef Didn't end up doing the spurs today. Having too much fun up around st andrews and kinglake. :grin:
    Dropped in to Healsville about 2:30. Didn't call ya cause I thought ya were probably out scrathcin. By the sounds of it you were....
  7. Jace, you had the best of it mate. Wish we had of teamed up with you. Pics will follow, stay tuned.

    Glad to hear you had a good'n

  8. short shifting pansy :p

    nice vid.
  9. I think it's just Reefton. It's 19kms long, and if you're quick, it can be done in under 12 minutes (without the gravel), which even then is averaging just 95kph. For the most part though the corners are being taken at 65-85kph mid-corner speed, which just isn't that fast, even though the bike in cranked right over. Shrink it all down to a small 320x240 video with a fairly smooth fps rate, and the overall impression of "speed" just isn't there.

    I also think that the padding on the camera mount and the fairly bump-free surface also takes away a lot of the camera shake that also helps to contribute to the visual experience of speed when sitting in an armchair. If the camera is moving around and your eyes have to keep on moving about to keep things in focus, I find that it increases the impression of speed.

    Yeah, it's just my "style" from riding grunty V2's for about 6 years. I tend to ride the R1 like it's a V2, and short-shift and just grunt around. Still, on a road like Reefton Spur where the next corner is upon you before you've finished the last one, you generally don't want to have all 150rwhp on full-song catapulting you into the next corner. Reefton is the sort of road where you can almost go just as fast on a learner 250 single, as on a super-bike. Pretty hard to make use of more than 50hp unless you know the road like the back of your hand, which I don't.
  10. Sick vid, thanks pal. Will make all my Yankee friends green with
    envy that they can't come here and ride the spurs.