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Urban Myth . . . Can a VTR250 be ridden on dirt ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. Off course it can ! :LOL:

    The V-Storm did it, so I can't see my baby couldn't ! :p

  2. That's a pretty benign 'dirt' road though, Micky
    {and I think you mean V-STROM not V-Storm; is that Gegvasco's new ride???}
  3. . . . Paul !

    Dirt is dirt !! :grin:

    If I said can you moto-cross a VTR, then i'd be really spinning sh1t! :rofl:

    Look what was at Tarana today !!

    50 odd BSA's, Triumphs etc . . . .
    All built around your time Paul ! :LOL:


  4. . . . . and the odd fat bastard on a Rocket III


    Actually two fat-bastards on Rocket IIIs !!

    I've never seen a skinny person on a Rocket III . .. maybe another myth to bust ! :LOL:


    The V25 behind is Jake's bike. (Commando-150)
    And the Blue Spada is suzyq's !!! . . . . back on the road !!
  5. WOWSERS, back from the days when men were men and women were men, and bikes leaked oil all over the garage floor!

    Not having a go at you mate, just jesting.

    Looks like it was a sparkler of a day for the ride. I did two sprints up Macquarie Pass, that was the limit of my riding.
  6. Some of those bikes broke down Paul !

    There was even a ute support vehicle picking up the bits and pieces ! :eek:

    The sound of a single cylinder 500cc cast iron engine is something else !
    Looked like the set of Heartbeat with all BSA's and rolling countryside !

    Yeah, awesome weather on the western plains !!
  7. [IMG:610:485:4d8a351616]http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y77/bonox/image_621.jpg[/img:4d8a351616]

  8. i have seen a z900 (of the stone era) with knobby's and ridden on the dirt. if they can, ANYTHING can :)
  9. You can, but it isnt the best bike for it.

    I have done lots of dirt on a ZXR750, ZX9, etc.

    Some Danish or Norwegian character rode an R1 around the world
    including all the povvo countries with mud roads. No, I dont know why.
  10. And as an apparently very knowledgeable(just ask him, no wait, he will have already told you) member of NR will attest to, you can take any bike off road.
  11. Nah. Just wait till you try riding a road bike on clay mud roads, or extremely sandy dirt roads. That dirt road you posted is extremely tame by comparison.
  12. my r1 did it through hard and soft packed sand
  13. I think the worst road I've ridden was on an Icicle Ride. In the wee hours of the morning on a 1992 CBR600, pitch black (other than headlights), with a pillion, on a stretch of road that was clay mud. The road had a very high crown in the middle. Stay on the crown and all was well (albeit slippery). Stray either side of the crown and the bike would slide sideways down to the edge of the road.

    Very entertaining. ;)
  14. Been on two Icicle rides before. Very interesting roads the BMW folkes take you down. Seen some accidents on those rides. The old guys get white line fever as they take off and end up putting down their bikes ( not hurting themselves ) before they even get out of the carpark! Once i was riding back in the rain, in the dark in the middle of winter through the mountain range coming from Apollo bay on my Xj 900 84, the rode was so slippery that cars were overtaking me. I only had a tinted visor with me!
  15. Wow !!
    That Blackbird off-road pic is awesome !
    Did you take the belly pan off ??

    And reading others road-bike off-road experience, looks like there is a part in all of us to go down the Adventure-Tourer bike experience !

    yeah, yeah . . .
    Its hard packed dirt ! :LOL:
    We'll have to try harder next time.