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Urban legends / scary sh*t thread

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by RRdevil, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. So want to start an urban legend/scary shit thread. I'll get it started.

    Rather long but very good for chills up the spine
  2. There's that one about that bloke in Adelaide that produces biofuel by boiling down fat people to power his Ducatis.
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  3. Don't bring blabbs into this
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  4. Some say that he has made hundreds of sets of leathers from their hides but prefers the breeze of wearing a singlet so they suits just sit in his shed gathering dust.
  5. Hahahaha
  6. There's the one about the guy who was fishing up near Murray bridge and dropped his watch in the river.
    Years later he was fishing down stream at Hindmarsh island and after going home and having a few beers decided to clean his fish.
    When he cut open the Murray cod he had caught that day guess what he found inside ?
    Fish guts.
  7. Okay was trying to be a serious thread. But hey whichever direction it goes. I just know there's some really weird shit happening all around us
  8. I heard Tony Abbott is PM. There's some scary shit right there.
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  9. Hey I was serious. If you are heading to Radelaide seriously consider dropping a few pounds. What do you think his list was about?
  10. List?
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  11. You guys haven't met my mother in law. Now that's scary!
  12. there's a legend been heard 'round these parts that MelbourneMick is taking over from Mouth. Gives me nightmares.