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Ural Update

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by PatB, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. OK folks.

    After the delay in getting the bikes off the wharf, which caused me to delay the big adventure, I've just phoned the dealer and found that my (sorry, MrsB's) bike is almost ready for collection :grin: :grin: .

    So I'm definitely flying over on the midnight horror on Friday, to pick it up Saturday morning. WhoooHooo.

    The only question mark is over how quickly the RTA can sort out my Unregistered Vehicle Permit. I'm led to believe it's a "while you wait" thing, so with any luck I can get that Sat morning and be on my way late Saturday or first thing Sunday.

    It's getting very real again :shock: . Frightening (4000 km on an untried bike with a questionable reliability reputation, 12 years after I last drove an outfit) and yet hugely exciting (never spent a whole week in the saddle before, and what an achievment if I make it).

    Just need to sort out luggage and riding gear, and to make a list of stuff I'll need to be able to service it at the roadside on the way.

    I'm marking up a map so that my daughter can follow my progress across the country, day by day.

    Got some helmet compatible earphones (Panasonic something-or-other, $49 from JB HiFi) for my i-pod so, once I'm confident the bike's not going to go bang, I can have a little entertainment on the long haul across the Nullabor. Ipod and mobile chargers will run off the power socket in the chair (i think).

    It's happening people! Four and a bit days time and I get on a plane to pick up the first ever new motor vehicle I've ever owned. It's as bad as waiting for Chrismas used to be when I was a kid :grin: .
  2. Best to find out if it uses a 12V cigarette lighter socket from a car, or if it uses the "Powerlet" 12V standard socket for motorcycles, which BMW and Triumph/etc now use.


    They're very similar, but Powerlet's designed for automotive power rather than lighting cigarettes. Plugs won't (they claim) vibrate out, etc.

    I just got the power kit for my Tiggly, so I've been reading up on it, etc. Just ordered a Powerlet -> Cigarette adaptor cable.

    Ninja Edit: Takes a bit of digging on the site to find the actual Powerlet -> Cigarette cable; most of the easy finds are Powerlet plugs that you have to surgically put on the ends of your device power cables.
  3. Are you popping your "new bike" cherry on a Ural?
    I wouldn't open any champagne, maybe vodka.
  4. don't forget the digital camera. We want photos.
  5. Nah, use a box brownie. Similar technology to the bike.
  6. I have to chuckle slightly, PatB.

    You were heaping a lot of criticism on the old technology of a $4K Honda CBR125R and now you're picking up a new *Ural* and trying to ride it across the Nullabor! Madness! Got a satellite phone for emergencies? :p

    Still, you have my best wishes on your trip. I think it will be a great adventure!
  7. Good luck Pat - I look forward to the picture diary of this.

  8. so are you going to be passing through Adelaide?
    let me know if you are cause we'll have to have you at one of our coffee nights!
  9. i just wanna send you my super dooper wireless thingo, with laptop, so you can do daily/hourly updates!
    good luck pat, and godspeed :LOL:
  10. I'm not actually 100% certain that there's any power socket at all. However, pictures of the US market bikes show a standard cig lighter socket in the sidecar. If all else fails, I'll have the mains chargers with me and I expect to spend at least some nights in motels.

    Whilst I'll admit to a bit of an inconsistency in my position, I'll say in my defence that Honda are not telling prospective owners they're getting a blinged up, thirty year old CB125 that has not been significantly improved in the interim, whereas Ural make no bones about selling a dinosaur which has :wink: . Who needs a sat phone when you've got a big hammer and some fence wire :LOL: .

    Would love to attend, but time constraints and, particularly, route restrictions on my Unregistered Vehicle Permit ensure that I'm unlikely to approach closer than Port Augusta. I'll know more after Saturday, but won't have computer access to post :( .

    I might be able to get MrsB to post brief reports on my behalf. We'll see.
  11. PatB,

    Some years back I looked at driving from perth to interstate on an unregisterd vehicle permit, in order to relocate a 4WD.

    Transpired the permit was only valid in the state of issue.

    This may have changed, but probbably worth checking on.

    Cheers R.

    ps. Coming via Adelaide?
  12. Thanks for the heads up. I looked into this and things have changed.

    All the eastern states recognise each others permits (certainly to the extent I need) and those of WA, so I'm OK until the SA/WA border. WA, however, does not recognise eastern states permits, so I'll need to get a WA permit before crossing the border. WA will issue permits over the phone so it's perfectly possible but a bit of a pain in the proverbial.

    This purchase is the first time I've personally experienced the ridiculous situations that our federal structure can bring about. I'm having to do the trip on permits because a WA resident can't register a vehicle in NSW, nor will WA register the vehicle without it having been inspected in WA. Which wouldn't be a problem if I was getting it trucked over, but there is no easy, legitimate way to drive a vehicle straight off an interstate showroom floor :evil: . Not that I was able to find in a couple of weeks of calls to various state licensing authorities anyway.
  13. Good luck and I'm looking forward to your reports and pics, you'll no doubt be relaxed running it in!!

    I've read so much about these new models on various other sites, claimed to be world's apart in reliability to the older models, some in the usa have some big miles up with only minor issues, and I've read some big trip(distance) reports, you'll have a ball!!!

    Keep us posted!! :grin: :grin:
  14. Russian bike. If my experience with Dad's IZH is anything to go by, then he'll be driven to the hard stuff pretty quickly. :LOL:

    Good luck and a safe run to you PatB. Give the bike plenty of care and it will get you there. It's not a race, it's an adventure afterall. Have fun! :)
  15. Well, PatB, I'm amazed but not surprised.

    Have fun, and ride safely. Don't forget, speed kills (boredom, anyway!)

    All the best

    Trevor G
  16. The map you have done up, you should put it up here. Maybe we can all escort you as you come near to each of us!
  17. What an awesome adventure! The Urals are two wheel drive aren't they? With a double jointed driveshaft? I doubt you'll have too many troubles but I don't suppose you need any convincing!

    Look forward to the pics!!

    Good Luck,
  18. Pat will correct me if I'm wrong but I think the 2wd models are only right hand side car. this means they can't be approved in Australia.
  19. I hope they haven't changed the tool kit from the old days - friend of mine bought one in the early 70's. He got a spare piston & rings, can of touch up paint, screwdrivers, pliers, spanners, a set of tyre irons, inner tube and patches...
  20. :shock: That's either really generous of them or a bad omen for things to come :LOL: