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Ural Saga Part 254

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by PatB, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. Well, today's the day. Tonight I'm off to the airport to catch the midnight horror for my date with destiny.

    For the next week or 10 days I'll be out of reach of the Internet and only intermittently in telephone contact with a world involving anything other than roadhouses and archaic Russian motorbikes.

    Any Netriders in the Newcastle area or anywhere along the route, PM me before 10 pm WST tonight and I'll fire you my mobile number if you want to say hello. I'll be in the Newcastle area Sat and Sun.

    So that those interested can monitor my progress, I'll be starting a thread in Roads, Touring and Riding Diaries, which MrsB will be adding to on my behalf as and when I report in by phone. Be nice. She's fairly new to the Internet and, being dyslexic, is not entirely comfortable with the world of letters. I expect best behaviour and I will be checking up :grin: .

  2. Have a great trip.

    I hope the Ural turns out to be the best thing !!!! :wink:
  3. Go hard son!

    I look forward to reading the updates. And we'll be nice on Mrs PatB :grin:
  4. We are all envious of your adventure, and will be following with great interest.

    So long as you don't encounter the Wehrmacht you'll be fine. :LOL:
  5. take lots of pics cause I recon this is one helluva adventure!
  6. Oooooo!! Very Exciting!

    Best wishes for the trip. Keep safe. er ... and keep it going!!

  7. good luck and don't worry we'll look after you missus :wink:
  8. Good luck, Pat, ride safely and take pics :grin:

  9. Go you crazy pommy b@stard. Being you would rock right now.