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Ural M72

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by McGivern, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    I'm new to these forums, and i wasnt sure where to put this...so i put it here...

    I'm looking at getting a 1959 Ural M72, but am wondering before i get this bike, what is parts availability is like.

    Th ebike im looking at is all together, starts and runs well. an easy restoration really.

    I do understand that being a odd brand name, and a bike thats now 50 years old, and it may be hard to find parts.

    Anyway, i would greatly appreciate any information,


  2. With a bike like that most parts could probably be fashioned from old tin cans and string - and they'd still be better than the originals :LOL:.
  3. learn to speak russian? id say you can still buy NOS or remanufactured parts for it, if you looked hard enough in the right places.
  4. Try F2 Motorcycles in the UK. They seem to be the go to people for older Russkis.

    Dunno what a 1959 Ural would be like. I do know that the 70s bikes had truly appalling build quality. 80s and early 90s machines were a bit better and could be turned into reasonable transport with a fair bit of effort. Similar to Brit twins really, except worth a lot less after you've put in the effort.

    I have to admit to having no experience of the earlier (ie pre-1970) Russian twins. However, having poked around under a couple of Moskviches in wreckers yards and a Volga at a show, I'm not over impressed with old Russian machinery. Decent (if outdated) engineering but no quality control.

    If the Ural you're looking at is the one that's been advertised by a dealer in Just Bikes for the last few months, I have to say that the multi-thousand dollar price tag would put me off. Old Eastern Bloccers are cheap hacks or giveaways. I can't imagine spending serious money on one and not regretting it.

    You'd be far better off in almost every regard with a Brit, or even an older BMW.
  5. :WStupid: [-X what he said lol
  6. So several grand too much for a russian bike you reckon?

    sounds fair enough, escpecially if the quality isnt so good, i just like the shape of the bike, and that its an interesting bike.

    Thanks For the help, maybe i'll have to go back to chassing a walla,

    Thanks again

    -Liam :)
  7. I would (and did!) pay a substantial price for one of the current bikes.

    But I'd be reluctant to pay more than a couple of cartons for anything from the Soviet era.
  8. You can literally buy such things in Russia for exactly a couple of cartons of beer. Or vodka :beer: