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UQ Netriders?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cuvy, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. So how many Netriders are there at UQ? Seems like there's a few around. Anyone interested in a coffee meet / ride?

  2. I'm not at UQ, Phil, but if you're ever riding west and you want to pick up some company along the way, that'd be cool.
  3. I went to UQ. Does that count? :)
  4. i study in UQ and often ride to mount cootha etc with some other rider or by myself,, so will attend for riding with group of rider.
  5. i goto QUT? lol

    theres always 100 bikes parked there, anyone from here?
  6. I'm at QUT... Kelvin Grove. Quite a few other QUT people are here too.
  7. I'm at QUT, Gardens Point. Well, Margaret Street to be exact.
  8. I work and study @ UQ St Lucia

    I'm the black ZX-7R :) (yes the one with the questionably loud pipe ;p )

    Currently I ride with my neighbour (who also went to UQ) and friends from other forums.

    I'd be happy to do a meet and greet and get some more riding in :D

  9. Hmmm, UQ in '98 and QUT from '99-'01.

    That was a while ago!
  10. well i dont go to uq but i LOVE riding(those of you who know me know that) and my best mate goes to st lucia

    does that count i wanna go on more rides

    matt 0428398916

    see ya time for another ride