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Upshifting without the clutch - do you do it?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Nucleotide, Feb 3, 2011.

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  1. Simple question, do you do it - upshift without using the clutch?

    Just curious really. No real point to the question other then to gauge how common it is.

    I do occasionally, not so much around town but if my RPMs are constantly hitting the mid to high range then I do.

  2. Yep, Only really out on the open road, exiting fast corners and on the straights.
  3. Folks, the first one who responds with a "how to" or "will it wreck the gearbox" or "They fitted my bike with a clutch so I use it, why else is it there ya moron" etc etc etc will result in the closure of this thread...

    Please use search before making such a response - and contribute to one of the many threads on the same topic.


    Oh and yes, do it all the time, up and down, even from first.
  4. This gets discussed quite regularly.

    For me, it depends on the bike. My DR650 (like most modern Jap boxes) will upshift quite happily with no use of the clutch. I wouldn't even consider trying it on MrsB's Ural, though, or without a 5 second pause to let the massive flywheels run down a bit. Somewhere between the two is my old K100 which likes a touch on the clutch on the 1-2 change but is OK above that.
  5. I do not when im tootling around though.
  6. Get yourself a quickshifter for your bike, comes standard on new bmws now
  7. Or if you are hyper lazy, get a VFR1200F.
  8. I can, I have, but I typically don't.
  9. Sometimes.

    My R1 seems a bit clunky but I'm still getting used to it.
    My V-Star is as smooth as butter.
  10. Yes I do it most of the time.


    Plus it's 1% extra concentration for holding on tight and other such tasks.

  11. Same as you nucleo... open road sure but around town i like the finer control of the clutch.
    Really though, just now and then when im feeling supremely lazy or the clutch just isnt needed...
  12. I use the clutch 1-2, and then just dab the clutch (to the biting point) with every upshift from there
  13. My bike does it from 2-3, but doesn't seem to like 3-4, which *should* be easier. 1-2 has the biggest ratio difference so I'm not sure if I've even tried that.

    When riding a 250 away from the lights with a car up my arse, the few seconds of fail when a clutchless upshift doesn't work, then getting back up to speed and shifting with the clutch can be really frustrating, so usually I just use the clutch for a 100% success rate. I probably just need to shift at higher revs and do the process more quickly.

    So basically, in higher traffic I always use the clutch, and when on bigger roads with less traffic, I give clutchless a go.

    I've never done it on a downshift though.
  14. i do all the time, though generally only when pasting it coz the box feels notchy flatshifting at lower speeds.
    downshifting seems to be a bit of a devil's art for me, sometimes i can do it, sometimes i can't
  15. Up and down with a blip as the mood or circumstances dictate. With clutch or not with clutch
  16. Never use the clutch going up, and if I'm slowing down relatively quickly I also avoid the clutch.
    Slowing from 2-1 needs it though or it just drops to neutral as I'm too gentle on the lever. Also when slowing down gradually I'll clutch just to avoid any jerkiness.
  17. Depends what my left hand is doing. Only if it's not on the handlebar.

    Hint: The first time you ride a big engine bike, don't bother trying it on downshifts. Giving a 250 type blip tries to make it take off.
  18. Maybe. Who wants to know?
  19. Yes, but only on WOT.

    Don't see the point in general commuting, as the clutch only needs about an inch of pull to smoothly engage gears...which causes negligible stress to my overall riding experience ;-)
  20. I don't it's good habit to be using your clutch so you remember to grab it in an emergency stop situation.
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