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upshifting under hard throttle

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by yama_nut, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. gday, got a question for the fast blokes - clutch or no clutch when upshifting close to redline?

    purely personal choice, or is one style faster?


  2. They put a lot of time and money into designing a clutch into the bike, I suspect there's a reason for that. I use it.
  3. you need to take some pressure of the gear box you can use the clutch or you can put pressure on the gear lever and hit the rev limiter which will let it go into gear but for long term use id use the clutch
  4. +1 So true for so many different things.
  5. Depends on how often you want to replace your tranny.

    I just feather the clutch just enough to make the transition smooth so its safer for me and the bike.
  6. Oh here we go again.
    Yes the clutch has a role
    No it is not necessary, the details have been covered ad-nausium on these forums.
    Once again those saying “Don’t do it” fail to provide a reason beyond “the clutch is there so you had better use it”.
    How about you use the search function (try clutchless shifting) and you will be inundated with threads on the subject.
    Smee over to you for locking
  7. Yeah, people are using this topic as a clutch.
  8. I should state for clarity that I'm not "against" clutchless shifting per se, it's just not something I'd do on my own bike. In a race, sure, but for something I'm riding every day I'm going to err on the side of caution.
  9. If you find clutchless shifting is too violent on your bike, then apply a light hand to the clutch. It is completely dependent on so many factors that an over arching answer is pretty hard. On mine I find first and second when really giving it the beans are pretty rough when going clutchless, but after that, things tend to smooth out. Experiment, see what works for you. If done properly you shouldn't do to much damage but remember poor clutchless shifting puts a fair amount of stress on a transmission.

    Does your bike have a slipper clutch?
  10. most of the time i will use the clutch, it's just easier on the bike
  11. I did the HART Advanced course on Sunday and one of things you teach you is preloading the gear lever on upshifts. That basically means applying a little upwards pressure to the lever just before you are ready to shift, then as you pull the clutch in as soon as the biting point is passed it just pops straight into gear. Makes for a much faster upchange and they were stressing that it was better for the gearbox.

  12. Once again Misinformation Abounds.
    If done properly clutchless shifting puts less load on the running gear of your bike.
    When you disengage the clutch the drive train spins down, if you hold the clutch in for a couple of seconds then gear change you will hear a very distinct and loud clunk.
    If you just unload the gears by rolling off (or blipping in a downshift) and time the shift, you can shift with no drive train slap, no clunk, just a clean shift.
    Clutchless shifting if done correctly can produce less ware on the parts.
    How about instead of just asserting otherwise people actually look at what is going on (Or use the search function as this has been covered time and time again.
  13. Is that aimed at all previous comments in this thread or something specific?

    Have to stress the "if done correctly" bit there, anything other than correctly can cause unnecessary stress on the moving parts involved.

  14. Oh FFS, do a search on the topic.

    Lock it up, for heaven's sake!
  15. :blah::blah::blah::blah::blah::blah::blah::blah:

    your bike your choice and all that other jazz. I'm never in that much of a hurry that I need to gain that extra half a second by not using the clutch.
  16. Nope Just aimed at the thread in general.
    In fact your post has more “Fact” in it than any other one here.
    But a butchered shift with the clutch can be just as bad. Clunk Grind Bang

    I’ll be honest, it is more about being lazy than being quick.
    Once you get it sorted, it is just easy.
  17. +1 on just being a slack arse and if you do it right there is zero load on the box and less backlash in the drivetrain.
  18. I agree with the laziness thing. On the Tiger, 1st into 2nd is best with the clutch, but for all the other gears it actually seems easier to change gears smoothly without using the clutch. It's nice not having to pull in the litrebike-heavy clutch for every shift.
  19. I read that other thread. It got pretty funny. I agree with FL.
    (I do clutchless shift quite a bit)
    Read the other threads :]
  20. oh noes
    not this type of thread again
    I clutchless side shift :LOL: