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upset the applecart already...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by lil_clair, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. Hello,

    im new, and already in the bad books. sorry to black betty for upsetting the applecart and blagging on that 20 post rule etc. i am just so keen to get a bike. i'll behave from now on :) promise.

    enjoying all the forum stuf in here. its a great group you guys have going.

    a quick question (i know buga all about bikes) :

    what is a 'grey import' and a 'naked' bike?


  2. Grey import: was never released in Aus by the company. Somebody imported it. Means you can't get parts for them and mechanics crack the shits when you bring one in.

    Naked bike: Does not have nancy plastic bits all over it. A man's man's bike.
  3. Hiya Clair.

    BB is an absolute angel... :)

    Another bit of ettiquette is to try searching before asking questions. NR has been around for 5+yrs - most questions have been asked...

    But quickly, 'grey' means a bike imported by someone other than the manufacturer. (The manufacturer directly imports their Australia ready product directly off their production line. 'Grey's' tend to need some modification)

    Naked means you ride around without your clothes on and have to post pictures up on netrider... :LOL: JUST KIDDING!! (though if you're inclined... I'm sure the NR boys will be interested... :-k)

    Naked means, no fairing. A typical naked 250 is a VTR250 - google it.

    Welcome :) ...and do use search... you'll cop more blagging if you ask a nupty noob question that already been asked 1 bazzillion times.

    Edit: :p @ Loz... nancy pants indeed!
  4. thanks for the tips guys.
    havent done any naked riding yet. still havent got a bike :( you'll be the first to see the fotos if i do ;p
    and nice band loz. let me know if yr ever in sydney.
  5. hewwo & welcome
  6. Intriguing locality choices, Clair :). Welcome to Netrider, whichever applies.
  7. my heart is in broken hill and my home is in randwick. you know the old saying 'you can take the girl out of the country...'
  8. howdy and welcome :p
  9. thanks tigger and marbs ;)

    im booked in for my L's next week. woo hooo!

    sooooo excited. too bad my folks dont feel the same way. i told mum and she said she doesnt want to know about it. and dad said its scary riding and he hopes i wont be riding in sydney. i dont see how i can ride anywhere but sydney since i live here.

    anyway im not scared at all about riding - i reckon itd be safer than riding my pushy in some ways. (just rode pushy down cleveland st in peak hour and am still alive)
  10. Kill em at your L's and then get on here and soak up the praise.

    P.S. remember to breathe, relax and enjoy yourself and you will ride better. Good luck.
  11. Good luck Clair.
    Just stay relaxed & listen & you'll do fine.

    Since you've already been lurking around, I'm sure you have found that there is a coffee meet not to far from you. In any case you can rock along to any of the coffee meets. So hope to see you around soon.

  12. been thinking about coming to a coffee meet, i thought i'd feel a bit silly rocking up on my mt bike, but it would be cool to meet some of you lot and chat a bit about what sort of bike to get and stuf.

    went and sat on a few today (a virago and a suzuki gs500f) theyre both pretty bloody comfy. Mr. Salesman said the virago revs pretty high doin 100km+ though. not sure if he was just try to sell me the zook tho.

    anyway, i bought some boots from MCA supermarket and showed them my netrider card and got 10% off. so glad i joined up. saved me $20 bucks already.

    heres to netrider
  13. Hi and welcome. As good as they are, you can do much better than a virago being in a LAMS state.

    Good luck with the L's
  14. Welcome to the forums Claire.
    Haven't been to Broken Hill for years but I got alot of family there. From memory, there are 4-5 generations of Barrons :)
  15. Hi and welcome to Net rider Clair, from a fellow ex (many years ago )Broken hill boy Garnet street :)

  16. gday Bob, for a minute there i thought u meant ex boyfriend. phew.

    and flipper - cant think of any Barrons but will track some down next time i'm there. people from the Hill are everywhere it seems.

    Thanks mate, can you recommend anything 2wheelsagain?
  17. Many fine things have come out of Broken Hill, not the least the late, wonderful June Bronhill....
  18. i see yr an educated hornet :)

    many famous people have come out of the hill. Pro Hart, um.... and Murdoch's first newspaper was the Barrier Miner (recently restarted) and diamond core drilling was invented there. the home of OH&S coz of the unions and mining conditions. my next door neighbour was the first rfds pilot and made the first night flight (navigating by radio-ing station owners and getting them to turn their car lights on so he knew where he was) oh, and me http://www.myspace.com/clairwenborn

    :blah: :blah: :blah:
  19. Nothing wrong with the 500 you mentioned.
    Have a look at the LAMS list on the RTA site.
    Don't write off a 250 because its a 250 (depending what you want your bike to do)