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uppercase removed because it's impolite to yell

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ericgao, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. hi, everyone.
    The other day i went to bike shop to repair my punctured rear tyre, The mechanic told me that i need to fix the stem of bearing. He also mentioned it is a common problem for Kawaski bikes. ( is it true?). However, i do not have any problem when turing or handling the curve. The bike have just done 9000 KM and never had accidents. The mechanic quote for 300 for fix or lube bearing and he warned me that handling will become difficult if i do not fix the problem. Is he blaffing or it is true for Kawaske bike? Could i do this by myself? thanks

  2. Sounds like he's pulling your chain, no pun intended. If the head stem bearings are worn there will be noticeable play. They also tend to go stiff. On a bike with 9000K's I seriously doubt it needs replacing and even so $300 is ridiculous. The bearings would cost $20-30 tops and it's an hours job at most.
  3. must be common as mine has the same thing, i was quoted $200 for the job.. that was mid last year though and i still haven't bothered getting it done, i am now starting to notice that low speed steering is a bit dodgy, sort of.. drifty.

    might be time to get it fixed. if anyone can fix it for a reasonable price (since monkey seems to think it's a fairly easy job) i'm all ears.
  4. Yes it is common with ZZR250's i believe. The easiest way to test for it is to stick it on the centre stand, sit on the back and rock it onto the back wheel (so front lifts of the ground) and turn the handle bars from side to side. You will often get a noticeable 'click' in place of the bars when they hit dead centre. This causes the driftiness at low speed as they bars don't flow smoothly.

    You may also notice it when corner at lower speeds, as you learn the bike over further, you'll get a sudden drop/turn in of the bike.

    My ZZR needed this done when i bought it and it only cost me about $80 from memory (i had it added to a major service so i can't quite remember the actual figure. I don't know what the hell you guys are getting quoted but it seems too high.
  5. $80! damn it i would of had it done ages ago if it was that cheap, i'm getting quotes tomorrow.
  6. Hi, N1gh7-R1d3r, i live in wollgong as well though i spent lots of time in sydney. Where did you sevice your bike?
  7. Just at the local TJ's. They aren't the cheapest mob going around but they generally do very good work on the bikes mechanically. Although they are getting to know me there now as i buy all my gear there so they are getting cheaper :). The owner, Trevor, Does abit of bike testing everynow and then. I believe he was one of the tester's for two wheels in their 2005 1000cc sports bike shootout. He knows his stuff!!

    I think all up for a Major Service(valve clearance, new Spark plugs, new oil filter, new air filter, oil, brake fluids, coolant etc) + blue slip + head stem bearings it was about $550.

    I remember asking him about getting the Head Stem done seperately though and the quote was around $80-$100.
  8. Eric, some of us are going to Headlands Hotel at Austimeer on the 23rd of April mate.
    Rock up on your Kawa and I'll check a few things on it for you, including the steering head/stem.
  9. Hi. Jaqhama. " HEADLANDS HOTEL", mate. i bet you watch a lot of TV. Looking forward to meeting with some bike mates. Stanwell park and royal natiional park are beautful. Enjoy your riding down south.
  10. I seldom watch TV at all mate, and certainly never any Aussie drama crap, almost as bad as American sit-coms.

    I've been riding thru the Royal and drinking at Headlands Hotel for more than twenty years. It's always been a bike pub.

    So are you going to meet us there on the 23rd then?
  11. nextweek it is mid exam break session. it should not be any problems. when will you guys be there? it is great opportunity for me to learn more riding tips. Thanks
  12. We'll be at the Headlands Hotel at about 11.30/ 12 noon mate.
    Probably stay to well after 2pm.

    Sun 23 of April.

    It's listed under ride outs and events also.
  13. No front stem bearing problem at all!! The mechanic at Freedom Motrcycle Brokevale is a bloody lier. Jaq had a test drive of my bike and did not find any problem with stem bearing. i also tried his BMW with worn bearing and notice the difference when turning the handbar. Thanks very much,Jaq, othewise, the mechancic gonaa rip me off.