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Uppercase removed because it's impolite to yell

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TREPIDATION1000, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. Hey All I ride a GSXR 1000, and Im wondering If any one else on a bike has the same problem of attracting every cock in a V8 or turbo or even a a small bike, at the lights. NO shit I will pull up to a set of lights and shit some one wants to drag me. If it was another big bike with half a chance yer a bit of fun but a nissan skyline or today for example a zzr 250. ARE THESE PEOPLE SERIOUS. Just cus I ride a sports bike dosent mean I want to go flat out all the time (Most of the time).

    Any one else have this problem?

    lol i dont see it as a problem and wished it happened more often,theres nothin funnier than lettin em get up to about 80-100ks then poppin a wheelie past them :wink: maybe im just easily pleased though :LOL:
  3. From what i have seen it does not appear to be just if you ride a sports bike.

    I think I would get very quickly berated if I suggested the Across was a sports bike :D , however it seems to be a bit of challenge to alot of tools in cages to try to beat a bike.

    The main thing that annoys me is when you do get off the line quicker, then they fly up behind you and sit way to close, almost as if they are trying to prove a point.


  4. I ride a bird and cop it almost daily . Do i ignore them ? those that know me know the answer to that :LOL:

    fcuk yer let them think they have u.

    what I dont get is do They really think they can beat me cus they got a sick stero and dark tint or aftermarket pipe on there gpx 250

    dont race them

    hehehe spot on mate :wink: its funny watchin their face change from the "i've got 'im,i've got 'im!!" look to "aw f#$k im a loser" :LOL: :LOL:

    It is quite bewildering they even try though hey :?
  8. I cant help but flog them Im a 22 year old who has a nice bike and it may sound immiture but I just cant let some farrk in a lancer think he has a chance.
  9. lol,dont worry,im 28 next month and still get a huge kick out of floggin the crap out or morons in their "fully sick maaate" commodores :LOL: :LOL:
  10. fcuk yer how good is riding and blowing those cock heads away. But it is amazing how may wankers a bike attracts.
  11. who said u had to drag them anyway?
    u let ur pride and testosterone get in the way of what u really want to do, which is to take it easy

    but it's all in good fun anyway, they can't all be evenly matched all the time.
  12. I try not to encourage them as the dicks may just take me out but saying that its not just bikes that they try it on i have lost count of how many dudes try to line up my xr8
  13. yer true any one in a so called perfomance car would have to deal with these cocks. (Oh I have a stock standard vn commadore with a exust tip on it im gonna flog that xr8). what is going through there minds.
  14. Who said i want to take it easy? :shock: :LOL:
  15. how can u take it ezy on a k5 gixxer
  16. lol its impossible!! :LOL: :LOL:
  17. i had a lowered civic try to drag me the other day- i wasn't "draggin" n didn't even realise until the next lights when they rolled down their windows to say "nice bike, too bad it doesn't go that fast"- i told him "yer, its just an R1"

    I let him take that victory at the 2nd lights too; one day he'll find out that any bike can whoop his ass... and will think back to the day
  18. I know the feeling on a K1. ahahahhahha
  19. OMG they have know Idea of how powerfull a Bike no A R1 is but I supose their civic was lowered so that may have a factor in how fast it goes, bwhahahahaha.
  20. To make this reasonably competitive, i'll whip all ur gixxer asses :p