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Uppercase removed because it's impolite to yell

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by gabak, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. Hi all i have another problem my gpx 250 needs a top up of oil but i dont know if it is synthetic or minireal oil used in my bike is there a way of finding this out other than taking it to a bike shop i have been told not to mix the 2 types of oil thanks any help would be good

  2. James Joyce Lives!!! A stream-of-consciousness post.

    j/k mate, no offence.
  3. If your worried, do a full oil change, pretty easy. I'd think a gpx would need full synth.
  4. i never used full synth in my GFs GPX, just used el cheapo semi synth. never had a trouble with the thing, and it ate a little bit of it too so i was happy to not go around spending $60 a bottle on good full synth.

    if you havn't dont a service since you got it, do one now. change the oil and filter and then you at least know its been done and you have decent oil in there :D
  5. cool but that would need me to change the oil filter and i have her booked in for a service soon but until then i would like to be safe as the oil ligfht comes on if i start it on the side stand but not when its on the center stand

    and hornet 600 thanks for your help (?)
  6. yea i agree change the oil and oil filter so you know it has been done i use a 15-50W semi synthetic oil and all is well. will cost you around ~30 depending on if you use genuine oil filter and thats if you do it yourself.... have you ever changed oil before?
  7. on cars there is nothing i cant do, may it be electrical, gearbox,brakes, engine ,oil change sparks,sub woofers for the boyz(laughs) but bikes never.
  8. Just pulling you leg, mate, I play around here as the grammar and spelling nazi and your post was all one sentence. I wasn't trying to demean you or anything, I'd never do that, sorry if I offended you....
  9. if you've booked it in for a service and just want to top up the oil in the meantime, a bit of semi synth in there won't hurt regardless of whether you are already running mineral or synth.
  10. Thanks dan will do and hornet600 all good m8 i just didn't know what you meant and yes i have 2 proplems 1 i like to type in CAPITALS and 2 i hate punctuation. But no i don't take offence easy and i know you where just joking but i didn't get the joke.

  11. We just run a motorcycle specific semi-synthetic in the other halfs GPX250... full synthetic is ok once a bike is run in and wouldn't really hurt, but it isn't required as long as the oil and filter changes are kept regular and you don't thrash the thing to redline all the time.