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Uppercase removed because it's impolite to yell

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by incitatus, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. inci, that's not funny, people DIED in those crashes......

  2. Only a few...........hey I'm a pilot with a display endorsement, I do this stuff myself, I live with the risks, so did they. It sounds harsh, but they were aviators, they would have said the same thing.
  3. I know what you mean, but the idiot pilot of that B-52 killed himself and six of his men just because he thought he was clever, they didn't have a choice, even if he wanted to endanger his life....
    Anyway, mate, not piling onto you but I remember many of those from the news and most of them were tragic.....
  4. I don't know about the others but the idiot pilot in the B-52 took a few with him who probably wouldn't agree. I read the investigation report when I was in the RAAF and by all accounts he was a show off d%&k head who should never have been allowed to fly.

    That video almost makes flying look as dangerous as riding bikes :p
  5. The B52 went down doing a display and would probably not have had a full crew. Every remaining man or woman in the flight crew would have succeeded against stiff competiton in getting that ride, and knew the risks. To characterise the pilot as an idiot is unjust. He would have had to plan and seek approval for the display from both the airforce and civil authorities. I don't actually know what caused that accident, and it's easy to blame the pilot. But he was 'on the edge of the evelope' by choice. so was his crew. Display flying is a strictly volunteer detail.
  6. Actually, the board of inquiry on that crash found that he was not authorised to perform that manouevre and that he had recklessly and wilfully endangered the lives of his crew and that his behaviour had led directly to their deaths. I remember reading that there were transcripts of the crew begging him not to do what he did and he ignored them.....
    I bow to your knowledge on planes, mate, you know that, but I remember that incident when it happened, and I followed the aftermath with (ghoulish) interest.....

    (later) http://www.simradar.com/Feature/2317/B_52_Crash_in_Fairchild_AFB.html

  7. very amusing to say the least, that particular report is on the net and has been made available under freedom of info, it says nothing like that at all. Allthough the original reports that came out actually stated key components were missing from the airframe but then i guess the pilot did that to aye!
  8. I have no direct knowledge of this particular accident, so will accept that as fact. If you can remember in which country it occured I can get the accident investigation report.

    However, I am intimately aware of the media feeding frenzy that follows any aircraft accident. When the LeRhone Rotary in the Sopwith Triplane I was flying, failed at a display in England, According to the press I apparenty "heroically steered away from a school at great risk to myself". In fact I used to have at least one engine failure a week in that aircraft and every display was planned for a glide approach from any point. At no time was either the aircraft or myself at risk, let alone a school. But that of course is not a very good read.
  9. The crash was at Spokane Washington, as per the link I posted. The event has a REAM of internet disucssion around it, despite the fact that it happened around july '94. I can't find an inquiry published, but even with my fevered old memory, I don't think I imagined the things I stated above. Then again.........
  10. WOW :shock: i suddenly feel a lot safer riding the bike eh :LOL:

    hey, whats the bet all those buggers were squidding it. probly woulda been much better off in full leathers aye :LOL:

  11. I have to agree with Hornet600. Thats what was going around about that one. True there will always be two sides to every story and every investigation know to man will always turn up a multitude of possible relevant / or not, data. The stuff we read did include "trans- scripts" and the thing about him being chatted for previous "stunts". I'll let everyone decide for themselves.
    I don't think anyone will know the full story so it's impossible to say one way or the other. I'll believe what I do and you can believe what you want too.

  12. makes our 'prangs' look tame by comparison, eh?
  13. Ok Now for some facts

    Accident took place at fairchild AFB in 1994. Pilot Lt. Col. Holland. Cause High speed stall. NO "transcripts from pleading crew". It was however an unplanned manouver. Official cause. " Pilot error probably caused by spatial disorientation due to 'peripheral vision pychosis'.
  14. OK
    But the "ethanol" title is very funny.......
  15. The funny thing is there are probably stats out there showing bike riding to be X number of times more dangerous then flying.

    Oh oh the WH&S auditors are prowling about......Oh No they've seen the Bike Arrrrr Now theres going to be a "Policy" :twisted: to keep me safe from myself.

    (Remember, tomorrow is Friday) :D
  16. There are, and it is, if you compare like with like. Comparing display flying to air transport, which is what the stats are based on, is like comparing commuting to motoGP.
  17. Thanks, Inci, I'm flying to Malaysia on saturday night. I *was* planning on getting some sleep.