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Uppercase removed because it's impolite to shout

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Guest, Aug 16, 2005.

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  1. Hi, I have looked at this forum for some time now, and have decided to join. I have been riding for about 11 years. At first I had a Yamaha Chappy 80cc to get to work and back. About 5 years ago I got a big bike. It's a Virago 250. Yer its heaps faster that my Chappy. It's cool. Yer and Fast. My flat mate William said it's not that good but I bet it's faster that an Harley. And I think it's better that a Harley coz it's not as loud.
    William gets cranky at me sometime. Hey I would also like to go cruzing if any of you's live in Adelaide. Yer and we could have a picnic. Look forward to interesting discussions. TTFN :)

  2. Ooh Crackling!!!
  3. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  4. Hey LOPAS! I'm confused. Yesterday, you said:
    And today:
    Does William know what he's talking about or has he been drinking a wee bit too much of your legendary herbal tea? And don't you already have a picnic date?

    Mmmm...I smell troll!
  5. Yeah c'mon guys, it can't be that hard to put up a decent troll that at least has people *wondering*...
  6. bloody hell so you guys got this twit here as well, such a lovely person......and I am sure william is as well........ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I hope he doesnt fall of his malvern star on the way home
  7. There was a movie made in England in the yearly seventies , if my memory is right and it was called Troll . Any way , back onto the subject . Yep , i sense a troll :shock:
  8. I am sorely tempted to make up an acronym for LOPAS' nick, but that got me in trouble with someone else's nick, so I won't, but if SOMEONE else wants to, then how could I stop you??? Lame ........
  9. On the other hand, Lopas, if you ARE for real, most of us here speak normal English, and know a bit about bikes, so if you want to communicate with us in the way we normally do, then please, come in and enjoy. But don't make too many assumptions about how cutesy behaviour will be greeted by some of the more irascible members of this gang of cut-throats!
  10. Lopas joined the Ozbike site, and was picked for a troll straight away, and having connections with SAPOL. He also mentioned that he had been booted off this forum as well, be interesting to see if he comes back.
  11. We have had a remarkably troll-free zone of late, I do hope it continues. Cos that doesn't mean there hasn't been some <cough> robust debate........
  12. From the sappy writing style I'd almost suggest that Booby/stack hat/princess/etc is back. He's a good target so I'm not fussed, it'll give me someone to pot shot.

    However, I was discussing the merits of engine size with my good friend (not gay lover as in "flatmate") Reginald over a hot toddy (actually toddy wasn't that hot) and the agreement was that the CT110 is the perfect all rounder for the modern man. A chappy is decidedly too small and a Virago, well that's just crazy excess. Man wasn't meant to travel that fast.
  13. Deyago, you have a cutting wit, remind me not to upset you!!! :LOL: :LOL:

  14. God they really are letting anyone join SAPOL now
  15. I'm slightly confused after reading all this, and what an unimaginative handle you have there.
  16. Soapdish! You're back! I thought I'd lost my little pet troll. C'mon little fella, talk some shit, give me something to work with. How's having a low IQ working out for you? Good? Yeah thought so.
  17. a walking advertisement for birth control
    <sighs> <shakes head> <walks away>
  18. best.troll.ever

    (and yes, i'm being sarcastic)
  19. hey Deyago, I'm meeting Jason for dinner tonight, any message you'd like to pass on about the quality of individuals in the forum>??????
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