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Upper and Lower case

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User6, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. do we really need to go on with this political correct dribble?

    if UPPERCASE is yelling , is lower case whispering ?

    i thought if you were going to be offended by a post it would be the content of the post not because it is upper or lower case.

    its a motorbike site , not political correctness .com
  2. It may be a motorcycle site but it's an INTERNET forum. Let's follow the net etiquette why don't we? It's not political correctness, it's a etiquette to others
  3. HERE. HERE.



  4. The "removal of upper case......." etc is a decision taken by the mods so this forum conforms with the norms of other forums. Glen I think there's more than enough political IN-correctness going on here to keep anyone happy, surely!!?? Yes, let's not be over-regulated, as Dan is always urging, but since 99.9% of people type in lower case, it's really not much to ask, is it?
  5. Here's a thought, while the mods/admins are taking the time to change the title of a thread to some wise-arse comment, why not just type the bloody thing in lower case like they want it? Duh! ;).
  6. no, this is whispering ;)
  7. ibast:
    I gather your job doesn't involve writing anything you expect humans to read and comprehend.

    "University studies have shown"[1] that uppercase is significantly harder to read, and results in significantly lower levels of comprehension.

    So it isn't just lazy, it is a disservice to your readers, and to yourself (assuming you are hoping people will read and understand what you write).


    [1] http://hubel.sfasu.edu/courseinfo/SL03/email_study.htm
  8. I also think it's a courtesy thing because lower case is a lot easier to read.


    Advantages of Lower Case

    The invention and application of lower case letters has been highly beneficial to the reading and writing of text. The most important benefit is that it can be easier on the eyes and can make text easier to read.

    This is because of the greater variety of shapes of lower case letters as compared with upper case letters. In particular, nine lower case letters (b d f h i j k l t) have segments (or dots) that extend above the upper base line for the main body of lower case letters, and five letters (g j p q y) extend below the lower base line for the main body of all characters. The variety of shapes, and the consequent greater ease of reading, is further increased by the occasional use of upper case letters (e.g., the first letters in sentences and in proper nouns) in text that is composed of mostly lower case letters.
  9. hate to burst your bubble but almost all drafting (construction drawing) are drawn in upper case. To me that would have to be the most important thing you want people to understand. But hey it's standard. But i do agree with iblast, i have caps on at work and it's a pain in th ass to turn it off all the time to type a post. Why not just concentrate on what you are reading, and it doesn't matter whether it's in lower or upper case

    just my 3 cents :roll:
  10. :LOL: there's always one :p
  11. each time i have looked at the top 15 threads we have upper case removed as its impolite.....

    3 subjects or topics under it so far.

    i know why they do it and its not a shot at them, if you are offended by captitals then dont read the post , saves you getting offended by the content. :D
  12. so what is this
    its in lower case ......foreplay ? :LOL:
  13. I'm an engineer and I do a fair bit of drafting.

    The Australian standard (and all of the international standards) for drafting require that you use uppercase. The reason being is it a clearer and more concise.

    If you've even seen a drawing done in lower case you will understand.
  14. love it :LOL:
  15. medication charts have to be printed and most who print use capitals.
  16. :roll: :roll:

    Yak all you like about it, it's one thing that one change :p "Look at Moi!" type post (and yes, thats what they are because the body of the posts aren't in uppercase) are annoying and impolite. You wouldn't stand on a box in the middle of a crowd of people and start yelling .. so why do it here?

    You can call it political correctness, you can call it harder/easier to read, you can call it offensive .. it's none of those. Plain and simple, it's about cohesiveness, politeness, and precendence. Start allowing uppercase for attention seekers, and pretty soon we could have every 3rd post of uppercase "look at moi's".

    And if you change people's posts for them, they won't learn. Easy enough for them to go back and edit it again. You dont want your post subject changed .. don't yell at us :)
  17. That's drafting, that's medical charts. This is a forum. Use the internet standards. :)
  18. This coming from a person who has no idea when it comes to spelling and grammar.

    I just hope that you are never responsible for giving out medications.
  19. I assume by that you mean printed handwriting.

    We haven't needed to use hanwriting on the internet for ages....

    Certainly for 'printed' printed material, the US FDA recommends mixed case.


    I don't know about the aussie requirements, but if they exist I'd be suprised if they go against all conventions for readability.
  20. It is all about etiquette, nothing worse than a page full of topic titles and all of a sudden it goes to capitals. In this fandangled world we live in, you still need to form sentences with punctuation like you learned in school, the internet hasn't changed the need for that in order to communicate effectively.

    For those of you who don't know what the Caps Lock button is, is the button that says 'Caps Lock'. A little light comes on when you press it. Don't type with it on, IT STANDS OUT FROM ALL THE OTHER TEXT, AND DRAWS ATTENTION EVEN THOUGH WHAT YOU ARE SAYING IS PROBABLY NOT IMPORTANT

    <Raised Voice>However</Raised Voice>
    I do find it annoying when a post gets renamed to "Uppercase removed because it's impolite to shout". What's worse, a lot of people who post the topic in upper case don't know that you can edit the post's name, and it ends either being ignored or re-posted. Maybe instead of renaming it, they could lower the case, and prefix the title with [Shouting Removed], that way the thread isn't lost on everyone.