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Uploading Video's

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by deadman, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. How do you upload a 10 minute Video to Facebook or Youtube That doesnt take 17 hours,

    I would like to put up a few video's of my rides and it takes forever,

    Is there some method I can use to shorten this upload process,

    Keep it simple, I am not a computer whizz,

  2. get a faster connection?
  3. What size file are you trying to upload, a 10 min vid could be 100meg for example.
    If it's a large size, convert it to a different format that when converted, is a much smaller size.
  4. 11.26 Minutes
    603 MB
    10.41 Minutes
    567 MB
    How do I covert it to A different format, ????????????????????
  5. And, ??????????????????????
  6. What format is it in now?

  7. it will upload faster.

  8. What format is it now?
    a quick google will help
  9. There's your problem for a start, trying to upload 603meg and 567meg to youtube.
    Look around for a file conversion program, I usually convert to a mp4 iPhone format and then upload from that.
    One program I use is called Icepine Video Convertor, but there is many others around.
    As an example, it converts a 153meg *.mov to a 10meg *.mp4 file, much better for uploading....
  10. Download and install VLC which is free.

    Open VLC
    On the Media Menu Option select 'Advanced Open File'
    Add the video you want to convert.
    Down the bottom you'll see a 'Play' button with an arrow next to it. Press the arrow and you'll get a list of options. Select 'Convert'

    Give it a destination file name.
    Select the 'Video H.264 + AAC (MP4)' profile and press 'Start'.
    It'll take a little while but it'll do the trick.

    I just tested it and reduced a 9.2MB WMV file to a 1.9 MP4 file.
  11. deadman I face the same issue as you too. Despite having a relatively fast internet connection when uploading videos to the net it takes forever. I start uploading, do what I have to do then come back every hour or so to check on it's status and so on till it's finished.

    Otherwise as smee suggested you'll need a super fast internet connection which will cost more than your current.
  12. Downloaded it, and still playing with it, See what happens,
    Thanks for your info, Very helpfull indeed,

  13. I dont know these things,
    But thats a good start for me to find out,
    Thank you,
  14. Also you could try Windows Movie Maker, I got a 170mb (3min3sec) video down to 31mb, not bad as I was just testing out the camera and how to do edit a video file. It seems pretty easy to do with Windows Movie Maker because it's all in simple menus eg. animations/captions/timeline etc.
  15. DG, I done that, Got it worked out, but it is still the same time to upload, 14 hours, ETC,
    For some reason it doesnt shorten it,
    Yep, I know, I am not doing some thing right,

    Parker, I got windows movie maker, I got the video all at the bottom in the line,
    How do I shorten the movie itself like you say,
    Which buttons do I push, and or what are they called,

    I am old and Computer illiterate,
    And I dont know what these animations/captions/timeline, etc are, And havent a clue how to operate them,

    PS; my video's are AVI,
  16. I've got Windows Movie Maker Live or something but it looks like it's the same principle in the one thats in the normal WMM, anyway.

    Load your video into the 'project' and then just click 'save video file', it should give some options like the aspect ratio (4:1) and try put it to 640px by 480px (which is YouTubes video player size), and then for audio I just left it as default, but then just go to the folder where it saved (probably asks you where to save it in one of the earlier steps) and see how many MB it is, hopefully it reduces the file size reduces after you save it.

    edit: See here, you could follow that, and then do 'show more choices' and see what it is, hopefully they have an option for standard web videos.
  17. Brian, which operating system are you running? I'm on Windows 7 and Windows Movie Maker is different from the one on XP.

    The Windows 7 version has the ability to post videos directly YouTube and gives you the option to shrink it when it does. Not sure if the XP version does or not.
  18. DG, I have windows XP, And have Windows Movie Maker, I got the video down to about 4 minutes,
    But the upload speed with Google Chrome to face book is 11.84 KB/sec which takes 6 hours,

    Havent tried Youtube yet, so dont know,

  19. No matter what you do, it will take a long time to upload. Most internet connections are much faster at downloading than uploading. My connection is 10 times faster doing a download than an up.

    Life is a biatch. Roll on the NBN.
  20. I'd say it's down to a ISP issue (eg. bad quality line, or just a internet plan which doesn't give you enough speed) so I don't think there's too much more you can do aside from a) get a new ISP (costly & annoying) or b) going to a family/friends house (who has decent internet) and taking the video on a USB flash drive (I think you can pick them up at woolies for about $10 now) and uploading at their house.

    Try YouTube and see what speed you get.