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Upkeep of my baby (CBR250r)

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by jessbolden, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    As I am quite a newbie to the bike scene, I have fallen in love with my bike and have actually been losing sleep thinking about it...

    As a result, I would like a clear list of how to upkeep it aesthetically (cleaning wise) and maintenance wise (chain and other things I am sure I am not even aware of).

    I am unsure what will be dealt with during a service, and what I need to deal with myself, as I want her running as smooth as she does now! I also will need to update my tool-kit and if you know the names of what I need, I'll get my girly butt in to Bunnings and grab it all!

    Thanks in advance![​IMG]
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  2. Main thing you need to worry about would be changing your oil every once in a while, and spark plugs, the service manual should tell you the timings, as well as what else is needed to be done and at what interval. Although a mechanic will do this all for you.

    For your chain, just make sure you keep her well oiled up, as well as the occasional clean. Also find out what your tire pressure is meant to be (service manual most likely has this info) and check it weekly just to make sure it's right.

    Cleaning wise is pretty similar to a car, just make sure you try to avoid getting oils and what not on the break pads/calibers, or anywhere that might cause an issue.
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  3. Cheers Fr33dmFr33dm !!! I'll be sure to read all through them!
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  4. Bad news jessboldenjessbolden in that you won't find the things you need at Bunnings. Supercheap, autobarn and your local bike mech will stock what you need. Also Peter Stevens for accessories.

    It is a lot of fun maintaining your own bike, but get to know your mechanic well also. As much as I like to think I'm mechanically able, there are some things I won't touch, such as brakes.

    There are some bike maintenance courses around as well if you're really keen.
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  5. Too true, was thinking i'd have to hit supercheap and the like. I was thinking about hitting up a close friend who knows a few mechanics and seeing whether I could take it in to them and grab the low down on what needs to be done and get it looked over etc. If I get any spare time in between my defence courses, I will definitely look at the maintenance courses for sure! Cheers!
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  6. Your owners handbook should have some sort of list/chart to tell you what servicing is required at what distance intervals or time periods.

    Occasionally through the Saturday Practice thread we hold a spanner day and teach some pretty basic stuff like chain maintenance and adjustment and slightly harder, oil and oil filter change.
  7. First thing I suggest doing is spending the $20 or thereabouts on a service manual which details pretty much everything.
  8. Hey Jess as the owner of a black bike myself I would thoroughly recommend using Maguires bike cleaning and wax/polish products on all your black surfaces, and use microfiber cloths, the reason for this is if you don't the black duco will show swirls and spider webs in the sunlight which detracts from a beautiful mirror like finish. Always wash your bike before applying any polish/wax as even though it may look clean any fine dust particles on there will scratch the shut out of the duco too, make sure it's a suitable wash product as some are too harsh and will damage plastic/vinyl etc. Use a metal polish on any chrome but make sure it's a liquid and not a paste as a paste will scratch the surfaces and again it will look rs in the sun. Hope this helps you out a little bit
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  9. This is what I have on my ipad. Basically a checklist of what to check at each interval.
    Minor. Major.

    I have a copy of the workshop manual (which list out exactly what to do accordingly) as well, but i don't think netrider allows upload of 125mb files. :p

    also of course lubricate chain every 2 fillup or so.
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