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Uphill corners the new challenge!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MiSe, Jul 2, 2016.

  1. Hi again! This weekend I went around more blocks near my place, those roundabouts are pretty familiar now, taking the bike in general seems so familiar and what at the start felt like a big thing: start without stalling and balancing, indicating and stopping...now seems the easy thing. Obviously I haven't practiced high speeds yet so have no clue whatsoever how will that go. But new challenge was going downhill and uphill and then turn left on uphill position. I have to say I totally suck at that, I concentrate on speed and forget to look at the corner focus point so in all cases I went very wide around the bend and in one case my bike was about to stall as wrong gear (4th) and deceleration which happens very quickly uphill so very little room to play with throttle and get dimensions right for the corner! The hill is quite steep but I thought I'd give it a try. Definitely need to learn where to look and to be decisive with speed around the corner as I often tend to slow down and plan my strategy as I go around but in the uphill case my engine was like a coughing mozzie, I barely made it around the corner and got to straight land again and was all over the other lane, luckily no cars!! So no...I'll start the uphill /downhill challenge! Downhill I really tense up at first (intensity is like when your butt tenses to a dried prune state and the knees become one with the tank) but then I apply a bit of front break as I go down and all good, I still don't know what gear is best for that slope but second was handling roughly ok, I think 3d would be better.

    Uphill: I stopped when going from first to second, changing gears going uphill is harder than it seems, ie I did the usual, ease the throttle quickly and release the clutch at point but I kept throttling and nothing happened so I had to stop and do a start from first! Hill start was better than my usual considering the say 65-70% slope I was on and that I'm a smurf barely touch the ground, with no muscles to keep momentum if required.

    Anyway.. hills are challenging and definitely it's all about concentration ie can't focus only on the throttle and the gears, must focus on the road and the around corners uphill...look where I want to go rather than the ground or the lines! Every time I ride it's a new challenge, can't wait to get good at it!! I've got so much to learn but I think the best thing of being a learner on a bike is that you're making your rules as you go and I like that, it's a powerful feeling to learn to manage something you're solely responsible for. Loving the wind sound and mozzie bike struggling tiny engine uphill is priceless! Now I'd love to hear stories about hills...funny ones etc...and corners...and also what do you do before a corner? and uphill corners??
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  2. Remember to not only look through the corner .. but turn your whole head toward your exit line. Point with your nose.
    If need be you can glance back at stuff by just swivelling your eyes while keeping your head turned toward the corner exit.

    The bike will feel more stable if you open the throttle a smidgeon while leaning into the corner ... not too much mind .. just a wee little bit... so set your speed and gear for a little slower than you think it needs.
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  3. changing to higher gears when going uphill will be easier if you get the revs up higher than on the flat. if that means going faster than you want to and having to change back down again you may be best just leaving it in the gear you are in.
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  4. That makes a lot of sense! I'll try tomorrow morning the head pointing and the throttle.
  5. I know the feeling, early on I had to turn into a side street which was half way through an uphill bend. As I was approaching it was all clear but as I was about to turn a car came down the hill so I had to stop. It was a scary hill start turn because you can't see cars approaching until they are about 20 metres away. It was probably my jerkiest hill start ever but lucky I didn't stall it. Probably the worst part was the 10 or so cars coming up behind me and squeezing past as I waited to make the turn.

    Also I find a tiny bit of rear brake helps with balance in the corners.
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  6. Curious to know what a 65-70% slope looks like :wideyed:
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  7. true...tricky though!
  8. Gosh steady nerves! Yes the corner I took was almost a U, really hard to know, but I endangered myself to keep up next time I'll just stop...as if there was a car I'd have given someone a heart attack! We would have avoided each other but I was in their lane...plus I feel the worst part of riding and fecking up is always the traffic behind!!
  9. Uhmmm Ahahah I thought about after I posted that one counts in angle degree not % so in a degree angle it would be about 40 degrees..im very imaginative so to explain my % : say 50% is straight horizontal and 100% is straight vertical that was my 60% ...
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  10. Pente-Slope_--Degres-Ratio_V1.
    Real steep!!
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  11. Yup it's a big effing hill!
    I just checked the net and couldn't find data but you wouldn't dare going uphill on that road by bicycle without loosing pieces of your lungs I don't think I've seen cyclists doing it up! I never dared even by walk it's pretty bad. I think there's a worst one in peak hurst nsw 10 min from me, going into forest road from boundary road, there's a traffic light too which allows 2 cars at one time and I think that'd be my nightmare....
  12. Which makes me think (unrelated) of this rarity, it's a unique road there's one in Italy as well:
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  13. 40 deg is preeeety steep
    I think you''ve done extremely well to be able to scale such an incline, as a learner rider on a 125cc bike.
    Keep practising and don't let the bike ride you.
  14. I presume you are only on your "L"s ?
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  15. #15 CraigA, Jul 2, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2016
    I believe it is very steep but not likely to really be 65%-75%. That's unbelievably steep. Too steep! A 65% gradient is approximately 1mtr verticle rise per 1.5mtr horizontal run.

    The steepest street in Sydney (Tarrants Ave Denistone West) has a 25% gradient according to this article in your local rag:
    No Cookies | Daily Telegraph

    Attunga St in Double bay also runs at 25% apparently: Life's uphill on Sydney's steepest street

    This article also states that the Guinness Record holder for the steepest street is in NZ, and is 35deg which is about 70%.

    I don't know how accurate these articles are as its easy to get your percentages and degrees mixed up and there is a vast difference, but I have supplied them just for reference.
  16. Yup
  17. I hope never to be riden by my bike that'd be freaky!! But when it tries to go back it feels hard. Tomorrow morning 7.30am it'll be me and that hill up and down till I see the first cars coming out, then I'll go joy riding if all goes well!
  18. thanks for that, puts things in perspective,
    I see what you're saying I've read the article they don't mention some streets like 'wisdom road' in Greenwich nsw..I recall that road my car struggled from Innes road up wisdom...what I can do is to use the phone level and see! :) I'm curious I maybe exaggerating or maybe about right, definitely wouldn't want to bs people!! :)
  19. I found some google mapping for you to help me judge (apparently you've been assigned this task!)

    so the bottom of this road downhill is the bush where I started and the link is the point where I stopped going uphill then behind this part is where I took the corner wide uphill:

    Google Maps

    this is another freaking hill challenger just adjoining he same road above which is even steeper and has a blind entry as the road literally folds in the fall so you can't see beyond the corner when entering or for that matter when exiting the road:

    Google Maps

    what do you think?
  20. Its hard to say from the pic how steep it is.
    The front fences are a good reference I reckon, the way they step up. Assuming that the tradesman who put it up was decent enough to make the horizontal bits level and they still are roughly after 40 years of course.

    I have attached a pic of a house in Baldwyn St Dunedin, which is supposed to be the steepest street in the world @ 35%.

    Do you think the streets you have attached via google maps is as steep as this? Note the stairs in place of a footpath. LOL

    baldwin st.