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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by sonja, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm currently riding a (rather in need of repair) GPX250 and am looking to upgrade.

    What I want is something with not huge amounts of power (or I'll wind up getting myself killed), but not over 750cc (see previous reason), not too heavy (looking at a dry weight less than 200kg) and as close to the current seat height as possible. I have taken a seat on my SO's ER-5 with a height of 800mm and it has me on my toes.

    My current thought is a Suzuki GS500F. I've also looked at the new ZZR600, but I'm not really sure what else I could go with.

    Thoughts and suggestions?

  2. Go for a scooter, they look great!
  3. Stirrer :LOL: :LOL:
  4. there are tones of choices.... you may wanna try and narrow down a few things that you want the bike to do/have. other then seat height, as that can be changed on most bikes. Maybe consider price/year/km/what you want to use the bike for commuting/oneday or weekend threasher/pillioning.

    Just a few things to think about.....
  5. bwahahahahahaha

    The day you get me on a scooter (you'd have to call everyone and take photos for proof) is the day that the sun turns to ice.

    Read: It'll never happen.
  6. How about a new Kawasaki ER6n?

    Usable amount of power, riding position not a world different from your gpx, a low seat height, and a cheap new price.


    Hyo GT650
    FZ-6n (quick bike)
    GSR600 (cheap fun)


    Any of the supersport 600's.

    You really need to decide on what type of riding you'll be doing. Commuting, sports, touring, etc.

    Edit: these are all new bikes, not sure if zzr600's are still sold new, but there are a herap of good 2nd-hand options as well.
  7. Clarifying a little...


    I'm looking for something I can commute with every day (no car, and no car licence) but can take on really long rides (one that has to be done is Canberra to Canungra in QLD) without getting a bad case of "monkey butt" or being terribly uncomfortable. I like to thrash it a bit, too. The GPX is great in pretty much all of this, but when on the highway

    Sports/tourer, essentially.

    I also don't want to spend vast amounts, preferably fairly inexpensive and easy to maintain.
  8. don't forget the

    yzf600 (although maybe a bit over 200kg), cbr600f, vfr, and of couse the 600 hornet, plus all the other bikes cammo listed
  9. I'd also reccommend the Honda CBR600F.
    Perfectly comfortable on long trips, has fairings, has a bulletproof engine and will have more than enough power for what you want.
    Can be bought quite cheap these days.
    The older ones were carburetted and they've now gone to fuel injection as of 2003 I think.
  10. 1 more vote for Suzy SV650 (it doesn't matter which version). Adequate power, but good, smooth torque curve. Low weight. Low seat height. Low cost compared to some others. Some of the others mentioned are quite high in the seat height department, IMHO.
    Edit: Oh, and (if you can stand to look at it - or find one...) Trumpy Speed 4 is a BARGAIN.
  11. okay, I also want new.

    My GPX was a second-hand buy, and I had to spend rather a lot after I found out that the engine had a broken rocker.

    CBR -- F's are incredibly reliable, my dad has an old (late 80's or early 90s) 1000F, and it's been going strong.

    I have looked at the VFR, but they're an 800, and probably a little more sporty than I'm looking at.
  12. If you do long trips, a naked bike will drive you crazy.
    IMHO, the Hornet, SV650, FZ6 and that horrid Kwaka thing are great round town and short trips, but are hopeless on the open road.
    Just my 2 cents.
  13. How much did they charge you? I fixed one on my bike for $45 in the end...
  14. $1411

    Seems the broken part also damaged the cam.

    They replaced 2 rockers, a cam and one or two other bits. Then went on with the service.
  15. Sonja, what "see previous reason"????

    If it's a height thing i'm a short ass and i have a lowered seat on my VFR, only about 12mm but makes a HEAP of difererence also look at the 955 Sprint it's seat is quite narrow and dosent spread the legs so much when you put your feet down.

    Just about all bikes can be droped a bit so dont let a bike being a bit high put you off.
  16. it's called "Not getting myself killed".

    I won't deny it: I ride hard. If there's more power, I'll use it.

    If I get myself killed riding, I'll have my whole family, friends and my partner raise me from the dead just so they can kill me for getting myself killed.

    Besides, I don't need vast amounts of power. 99% of the time, I'm just getting myself to work and home. I'd rather do it safely than fast (though both is best :grin: )
  17. ... Especially if some big bugger has owned the bike previously - the preload may be set to the hilt. Better check that before dismissing the bike entirely.
  18. I have the2005 gs500f and ,it's great for getting to work and on the weekend ,may not be the best for the twistys ,but does the job.
    As for long long rides ,im always looking for the extra gear ,like every 2 minutes LOL.
    will sit on 110km allday long but ,it starts to scream at 120km +.
    And feels alittle loose at 120km .

    Disclaimer-----"IMHO" IM A newbie ,this maybe normal on all smaller bikes.


    I was at the bike shop the other day, looking for rain gear and droped buy the used bikes to have a look and ,i got offered $7000 trade in with 4000km ,there around $9200 new ride away and $8500 second hand with them km's ,just so you know what the dealers are making on the bike second hand.
  19. thanks sleddog.

    sounds like it could use a little more power. The GPX is much the same - screaming at 120+.