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Upgrading zzr-250 to VFR800/F800ST

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by gmullan, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. After 7 years on my zzr-250 I have been given the green light to consider a new purchase. Here's my rationale and would appreciate any thoughts on my consideration of VFR800 or F800st.
    I'm thinking of 800cc. I don't want to get a 600 then need to go bigger in the next few years.
    I need a saddle (one-piece) seat as my wife doesn't want to be perched up in the air on the back of a sports bike. We only ride togetehr occasionally but think the frequency will increase when we have a bike with some oomph.
    I commute 50km each way (ie 100km round trip) to Melb CBD and back every business day.
    I carry a laptop etc, lunch, work clothes etc and use a Ventura bag on Ventura brackets currently.
    Any thoughts, much appreciated.

  2. Can't go wrong with either of those choices. Ride both and let your heart decide.
  3. Bot bikes are great bikes although very different but there are a heap of others worthy of consideration.
    Engine size is no indication of output or real world rideability.
    Chuck a leg over a Bandit 1250. Cant go wrong at $12,000 ish ride away.
  4. I went from the Ninja250R to the VFR800(2003) earlier this year. Was a great step up for me and I love the VFR.
  5. ZZR and VFR are similar in alot of ways, would make for an easy step up. A banana seat cbrf4i/f5i would work well too. The extra torque from the v4 800 would make the viffer a better choice for pilioning though. Ride both, and more in the same category. sv650s, er6f, fz6, etc.
  6. Both good. The F800 is lighter and narrower, and the new naked (R) is getting impressive fuel economy. I'm not sure if you'll get the same with an ST, since I think the R has a newer EFI system. Worth checking if it's a matter of the date of the build.

    But you can barely go wrong either way.
  7. You could always look at a TDM900 - not on your list, but its a great commuter, comfy saddle, plenty of grunt (parrallel twin), great 2 -up and the fuel economy is hard to beat... and being not the prettiest bike on the block means you're not so worried about someone else deciding they want to take it home...

    only thing i'd say is they're a fairly tall bike. if you're under 5'10 I'd reconsider....
  8. I hardly think that the uncomfortable and frenetic F4i fits into the frame of reference...8-[
  9. The great thing about the VFR is the engine revs like an I4, but has more down low torque.

    Pillion work is a doddle and it's as comfy as you'd ever want. Test ride one, you'll love it.
  10. my regular riding partner has the 800ST and I have a VFR.. so here are my observations (and some from him)

    the VFR has more grunt, but uses more fuel.. on a recent trip round Tassie, I was putting in 16L and he was putting in 10L - 11L.. we were both riding at the same pace...

    The 800ST is very German.. in that it has no "soul" or feel to it.. it is a tool, not a toy.. some like that, some don't
    the power delivery is also very linear (and boring according to him) where the VFR has a nice kick at VTEC and power builds..

    the suspension on the VFR is better, the weather protection better on the 800ST.. the 800ST has a "maintenance free" belt drive.. the 800ST has a more comfortable riding position..

    even though my VFR is the red, white, blue model, which stands out like dogs balls.. people are always drawn to the Beemer..

    he has only had a couple of "issues" with the 800ST in 30 000km's (iirc) all repaired under warranty except for a lock failing on his pannier which he chose to get fixed locally- but the closest dealer is 1hr 15mins away.. I have had no issues with my VFR and there are 3 dealers all within 20 mins from me (we live within 15mins of each other)

    so there is my (and his) 2c worth.. go ride them both and buy whichever makes you moist :)
  11. Wow! Thanks for all of the great feedback. The obvious thing is to take them for a ride which I will do in the new year: hold on; that's now, where does the time go... I'm still in two minds so hopefully the ride(s) will convince me one way or another!
    Thanks again!
  12. Also check out a Yamaha TDM 900 if you want something economical that may well do what you want better than both the others. In fact it would come close to combining the plusses of those bikes with pretty much none of the downsides, as long as it's not to tall for you.
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  14. If you wanna sell the ZZr....let me know :)
  15. I have had the F800ST for nearly 2 years.
    Belt drive is wonderful. After 37 years motorcycling, I don't miss chain maintenance a bit.
    Engine is great and power spread is very easy to use but took about 10,000 km to fully free up. Gearbox was clunky (oddly worse when warm) but smoothed out at around 6,000 km.
    Factory panniers are very easy to use in fact most things about the bike are.
    Things I don't like so much are footpegs are a fraction high for my liking, I'd like to see an option here. Access to the radiator filler means removing half the bodywork and about a dozen bolts. I'd like a knurled finish on the centrestand pedal as its very slippery when wet.
  16. Is the Triumph Sprint in your price league............excellent bike for your wants by all accounts....
  17. Hmmm.... I hadn't considered a Sprint ST, but it does seem to tick the boxes. I hate having too much choice though!
  18. Have a look at the Bandit 1250s too. It's a seriously good bike and excellent value for money.
  19. I'll add the Bandit 1250s into my list too then! It doesn't look as modern as some but from what I've read it's a good ride.
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