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Upgrading to?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by guardian_angel, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. Upgrading (due to write off) and just don't know where to start. After some thought know I want to spend around $5000 on a reliable bike, 600cc-ish with 4 cylinders.

    I am short, so going with a low seat and would prefer a more upright position. No supersports here, as long as I can attach a screen naked is good.

    I bow down to the wisdom of the netrider forum, any thoughts??
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  2. Style ? Cruiser, Sports, Tourer
    LAMS Yes or No?
  3. Sports, but sitting upright sports :)

    And no on LAMS.
  4. More naked than sports, but have you considered the CB600F Hornet? About 790 seat height if I remember correctly. Earlier models could probably be had for about $4000.

    What happened to your CBF? :oops:
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  5. Cbr600f4i for sure
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  6. +1
  7. Sorry to hear about your accident hope you're ok Angel :)
    Hornet600, ask Christine , she has one, I had the 900 version, they go :) and the other 600 mentioned above, you'd have to test ride one, just be mindful of extra weight [till get moving of course] but you will 'grin' for sure :)
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  8. you should sack your angel.

    i'm piping up for sv6fiddy, gladius, er6n.
    because a 600 inline 4 is so boring.
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  9. also ask Nina about the kwaka 750, might be a great bike for you, maybe ask @streetmaster about the height issue, not his, but the bike seat ;)
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  10. Upgrade to what you want after test riding.
  11. Thanks guys, that helps already :D Just need those suggestions to narrow it down to a few options to test ride.

    And I am fine, thanks :) Looking like a fixable writeoff. Bike isn't too bad but under comprehensive they have to fix all the little scratches and apparently that really adds up!
  12. Another vote for a Hornet. Nice bike, plenty of "go", lots of bits available should you want to farkle it, and it's a Honda. Yes, I know that means expensive parts, but it also means it's as reliable as a.....well....a Honda really....and that's about as good as you are going to get.

    Edit - I'd recommend the 900 too if you were up for it. I had one back in Canberra with a set of staintunes. That fireblade engine with the smaller throttle bodies was an absolute ripper. Bags of torque, and plenty of go for a naked bike.
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  13. I see there's a 900 Hornet for sale on NR. Don't know what it's like of course, but might be worth a look.
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  14. +1 for the 900 hornet.

    Bought one new in '06, owned it for about 2 years. Great bike, easy to ride, seat height is around 795mm, so not too bad for the short of leg (like myself).
    And as mentioned Honda reliability, can add a screen to them too.
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  15. Or the Aprilia Shiver or Triumph Street Triple. Both beyond the price range but worth a test ride......
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  16. What about a Suzuki GSR600, its in the right price bracket solid GSXR engine in milder frame and is a sensible step up from the CBF250.

    CBF 250 14Kw, 140KG and 780mm seat height
    GSR600 68Kw, 180kg and 785mm seat height

    The 900 hornet suggested is up to 80kw, 195kg and 795mm seat height, probably getting a bit big for a smaller female and dare I say it too much power.
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  17. Shall check them out, thanks :)

    Time to test ride a few I think!
  18. yep, and enjoy each test ride :)
  19. Well spent some time on Thursday looking and sitting on bikes (no helmet yet, so no test rides)

    Current short list to test ride is:
    Suzuki SFV650 Kawasaki ER-6 Suzuki GSR600 Honda CB400
  20. Well spent some time on Thursday looking and sitting on bikes (no helmet yet, so no test rides)

    Current short list to test ride is:
    Suzuki SFV650 Kawasaki ER-6 Suzuki GSR600 Honda CB400