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Upgrading to bigger cruiser

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Wulfgar, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Hey folks,

    Upgrading from a V-star 650 custom towards the end of the year and was wondering what i should go for.

    I realyl want a bigger bike both physically and engine capacity wise, I really love the look of the Valkyrie Rune but they are in ridiculously short supply haha.

    Was checking out some Harleys, Victory, Triumphs etc and was just wondering if anyone has anything they can add from experience which would be the best way to go.

    Bit of a vague and generalised question however I think we have enough collective experience here for me to make an informed decision :D

    Go for it!
  2. M109 r was my daily ride for 4 yrs.

    Good bike, except for second gear issues.

    Will function as a one bike does everything bike. Gobs of power, even goes around corners. Too f'kn heavy for me now
  3. Yeah I have seen the Boulevard getting around, I think a mates dad has one. They look pretty sweet too. Might have to test ride one.

    Cheers Pete :D
  4. Buy mine. Buy mine :)
  5. buy a yamaha

    theres a reason why my M109r had less than 2000km on it and my roadliner has almost 60,000km

    firstly you have to decide what kind of cruiser you want, then what look you like and what tech, not all cruisers are alike, then there is the budget...
  6. Can anyone explain why the M109R looks so... droopy? Ignoring the hideous headlight surround for the minute (which is quite fuglopolous), it's like the whole bike was dropped on a central point and sort-of went "blup" making it hang off toward the front and back a bit. Just doesn't look good to me.

    Sorry womble, that's just how it is bud.
  7. Each to their own, no offense taken. Mine's for riding not polishing.
  8. Mine's for repairing right now so I can't really talk :)
  9. I would think budget may be a consideration here...

    I would suggest you look into the fuel tank size also, as a small tank like on the Victories can be limiting.
  10. Budget consideration could be anywhere up to 30k for the right bike. Like i said, I want it big, I wasn't aware the fuel tanks on victories are too limited?

    I'm only getting about 220klms on the tank in my xvs 650 as it stands...

    I've heard mixed reviews of the m109 but i do like the look of the custom ones they do have an interesting front end on them stock haha.

    I've also heard much about how Harleys break down alot or use cheaper components. Anything on this at all lads/ladies?
  11. For real? What are you doing with it? I get 250 from a tank, with half a litre to spare before switching to reserve.
  12. Haha i put v&h short shots on her so I think it must use a touch more, that and i have only ever used my reserve once so i can't be that sure about the 220ks... Just not all that keen on ever running out is all h:D
  13. I reckon you're drinking half a litre in your sleep every night. That would explain... a lot.

    The Rune, like the M109, looks kinda droopy. I don't get why you'd want to go for that bike. Each to their own, sure, but it reminds me of this guy:


    I don't know that's what you want... Maybe it is, I don't know.

    XVS650 isn't like that. Why not look at a... I hate to say it here because people go silly, but I will... Harley?
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  14. My comment comes from something I read somewhere, and might be wrong. But fuel range is something I would look into. The speed you ride at also affects your economy greatly. If I ride to Perth and average 1.40 then I get about 190 to a tank, but if I ride sedately at 70 around Perth, I get over 250. Very right hand dependent...
  15. What's the reason? It may help the OP.......
  16. I'm not the biggest fan of the M109 headlight either but that's a small price for a great bike.
    But if it puts you off that much get the C109
    Either way you can't lose
  17. #17 RodSyd, Feb 18, 2013
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2013
    It's such a personal taste issue, I wont tell you which bike you should get, jsut that Im 8000k's into my Victory (Hammer 8ball) in only 4 months and no regrets. Dunno what that poster was talking about with small tanks, mines 18L and the full on tourers run 28L tanks I believe, up there with all the other manufacturers. Any manufacturer can spit out a lemon and they all make good bikes, I love the look of the Victory and after a whole weekend test ride loved the feel so thats where I put my money.

    EDIT: I upgraded from a vstar650 too, youll love the bigger bike, now when I sit on the 650 it feels like a kids bike, sorry , but it jsut feels tiny, physically moreso than engine capacity but you notice both.
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  18. ^ Check out the Victory weekend test ride. They throw you a set of keys, full tank of gas and free accommodation I believe. Might as well give it a go.
  19. RodSyd, I defer to your knowledge of the bike as you ride it. I think it was a review I read in a newspaper that made the comment. 18l is plenty big enough unless you are long distance touring.

    Personally I would go a Victory ahead of a Harley because of the styling. But then I would prefer a Vstar to both. Styling is a very personal thing...
  20. I'm just gutted that I may have to go and pick up a new LAMS bike with only a few months left and... just grrr. Deep breath.

    Anyway, the C109 seems to be a much better option than M109 in the looks department. Otherwise, they're the same thing from what I can see, so if you have eyes, go with the C, otherwise go for a scooter of some kind because EWWWWWWW, and most scooter riders are blind anyway. Again, womble, no offence intended. But eeeeeeewwwwww, that's disgusting, and I'm telling mum.

    So, if you like a plastic wrapped headlight and a body that looks like droopy, go with the M109, otherwise the C109 is quite nice. Your call.